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Mitcheldean, Moreton in Marsh, Newent & Newnham, Gloucestershire
Pigot's Directory for 1830
HALE John             Inns & Public Houses     The Red Lion, Mitchell-Dean
HALE Thomas           Inns & Public Houses     The George, Mitchell-Dean
HALE Thomas           Surgeon                  Moreton in the Marsh
Pigot's Directory for 1830
With Clifton, Bedminster, Ashton, Brislington, Pill, Stapleton, etc.
NAMES                 TITLE / OCCUPATION            ADDRESS / COMMENT
HALE Francis Butcher 25 North Street, Bristol
HALE George Shopkeeper / Dealer 10 Merchant Street, Bristol
HALE M. Mrs. 1 Kingsdown Parade, Bristol
HALE W. Revd. 2 Kingsdown Parade, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Brass Founder & Gas fitter Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Clock Maker Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Coach Lamp Maker Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
WASBROUGH, HALE & Co. Coppersmith / Brazier Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
Pigot's Directory of Somerset for 1844
Hale Caroline Milliner & Dressmaker 18 Lansdown (Bath)
Hale William attorney 2 Alfred Street (Bath)
Bristol 1844 Mathew's Directory Hales
HALE J. H. chemist and druggist, Mall place, Clifton
HALE M. lodging house, 3 Gloster row, Clifton
HALE Thomas, brass founder, Narrow Wine street-residence 9 Ashley Place
HALE, J.H. - Chemist and druggist. Mall Place, Clifton
HAIL, Wm. - Potato Merchant. 20 College Street
HALE, M. - Lodging house, 3 Gloster row, Clifton
HALE, Thomas. - Brassfounder, Narrow Wine Street
(Residence - 9 Ashley place)
HALE, Thomas. - Gurnell Villa, Elton terrace, Cheltenham Row
HALE, Edward. - Baker. 8 Ellbroad Street
HALE, Wm. - 9, Victoria Street, St Pauls
HALE, M.A. - Stay and Corset maker. Kingsland Road, Dings.
HALE, M.A. - Grocer. 26 Frogmore Street
HALE, Sarah. - Baker 8, Ellbroad Street
HALE, Miss. - 9, Victoria Street, St Pauls
HALE, Wm. - Hatter. 9, Castle Mill Street.
Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Bristol and South Wales 1850
9 Victoria Street, St Pauls William Hale
8 Ellbroad Street Edward Hale Baker
1 Mall Place, Clifton Jacob Henry Hale Chemist & Druggist
24 King Street, Bedminster Joseph Hale Nail Maker
Kingsland Road, Dings Mary Ann Hale Stay Maker
Gormall Villa, Horfield Road Thomas Hale firm of Hale & Co
Temple Back Thomas Hale nail & rivet maker
Pile Street, Temple William Hale Grocer & c. dealer
St George's George Hale Shoe Maker
Pile Street William Hale Nail Maker
Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire, with Bath & Bristol 1856
97 office street directory
Elbroad Street 8 Mrs Sarah baker
Elton Terrace 10 Mr Thomas
103 office street directory
Kingsland Road 19 Mrs Mary Ann Staymaker
Mall Place Clifton 1 Jacob Henry Chemist
109 office street directory
Narrow Wine Street 3 Thomas Hale & Sons Brass Founders
114 office street directory
Pile Street, Temple Gate Mrs Ann Chandlers Shop
Pile Street "Phoenix" Mr Thomas
139 Court Directory
Elton Terrace 10 Mr Thomas
167 Commercial Directory
lists the above entries
Alderley mentions the Blagden Hale family
Berkeley Elias Hale "Mariners Arms"
Cheltenham William Hale Furrier
243 Cheltenham Directory
Exeter Lawn, Grosvenor Street Miss Hale
251 Cheltenham Directory
Promenade House Hale & Son Music sellers to her Majesty
Sandford Farm House, Bath Road
Mrs Mary Hale Laundress
259 Cheltenham Directory
Promenade House
Globe Fire & Life C.H. Hale Insurance Agent
275 Cromhall
Traders Joseph Hale Blacksmith
Traders William Hale Blacksmith
292 Gloucester City
London Road John Blagdon Hale Gentry
296 Gloucester City
Barton Terrace William Hale Beer Retailer
20 Southgate Street James Owen Hale Harness Maker
302 Gloucester City
Magistrates J.B. Hale Esq
306 Gloucester City
Custom House M.B. Hale Searcher
316 Kingswood
R.H. Blagden Hale Lord of the Manor
324 Mangotsfield
Downend Joel Hale Blacksmith
336 North Nibley
Samuel Hale Beer Retailer
339 St George
Traders John Hale Boot & Shoe Maker
360 Stow
Edwin Hale Boarding & Day School
parish clerk & assistant overseer
368 Taynton
Edwin Hale Shopkeeper
371 Tewkesbury
Barton Street Henry Hale Shopkeeper
10 Barton Street John Hale Linendraper
375 Thornbury
Falfield Mrs Hale Farmer
393 Wotton
Bradley House Lieut.-Colonel Hale Gentry
Harrison, Harrod & Co's Bristol Post Office  Directory & Gazeteer, 1859
W W Hale Custom House
Jacob Henry Hale York Road, Montpelier
T. Hale & Co 3 Narrow Wine Street Brass Founders
Thomas Hale 10 Elton Terrace, Stokes Croft Road
Thomas Hale Phoenix Tavern, Pitt Street
Joel Hale Downend, Mangotsfield Blacksmith
John Hale St George Boot & Shoe maker
A Hale Thornbury Farmer
Joseph Hale Cromhall Blacksmith
William Hale Cromhall Blacksmith
Robert B Hale Alderley House M.P.
Samuel Hale North Nibley Beer Retailer
Elias Hale Salter Street, Berkeley "Mariners Arms"
George Hale Painswick Boot & Shoe Maker
Hale & Son Cheltenham Globe Fire & Life
Caroline Hale 6 Well Walk, Cheltenham Milliner
Hale & Son Promenade House, Cheltenham Music Sellers
J B Hale Gloucester Magistrate
John B Hale Newland Villa, London Road, Gloucester
Edwin Hale Taynton Shopkeeper
George Hale High Street, Tewsbury Grocer
William Hale Hay Hill House, Bath Solicitor
Rev. William Hale  M A Claverton Rector
Alfred Hale Becklington Gentry
William Hale Wanstowe Farmer
Thomas Hale Stogursey Saddler & Harness Maker
John Hale Corton Denham, nr Yeovil
Matthews directory 1866 Bristol
Hale Matthew Henry, Worsley villa, 3 Cotham side
Hale Mrs. Thomas, 10 Melrose place, Whiteladies
Hale Thomas & Sons brass and bell founders,  ....(see previous email)
Hale Samuel, upholsterer, furniture dealer, etc. 2 Broadmead
Hale W. W. Fairfield villa, Montpelier
"HALE Thomas and Sons, brass and bell founders coppersmiths, gas
engineers, turret and church clock makers, manufacturers of patent steam
valves, and genreal brass and iron fittings for steam machinery, etc.  3
Narrow Wine street-established 1726-metal work for ecclesiastical and
domestic use.
Here are some other Hale entries:
Hale Fred. builder, etc. 1 Bellevue crescent, Clifton wook
Hale J. Guthrie, Photographic artist, 1 Colonnade, Hotwells
Hale Joshua M. (Master of commerical rooms)  3 Albion place, Richmond
road, Montpelier
Hale Matthew, Worsley villa, 3 Cotham side
Hale Mrs. Thomas, 10 Melrose Place, Whiteladies
Hale Theodosius M. 22 Upper Park Street
Hale, Thomas Fred, 10 Melrose place, Whiteladies
Hale, Thomas Totterdown
Hale W.W. Fairfield villa, Montpelier
Hale Wm. refreshment rooms, 64 Temple St.
Hales and Co. hat manufacturers, 22 Lawrence Hill
BRISTOL (ALL HALE unless otherwise stated)
Trades and Professions
Henry, mason, Eagle Street, Easton Road
James, beer retailer, 12 Merchant Street
John, beer retailer, 14 Frogmore Street
Matthew, beer retailer, 19 Bath Street
Samuel, carpenter and packing case maker, 82 Narrow Wine St.
Thomas, "Phoenix Inn" Pile Street
Thomas Frederick, (firm of Thomas Hale and Sons) -
- 10, Melrose Place, White Ladies Road, Clifton (residence)
Thomas & Sons, brass founders, 3 Narrow Wine Street
William HALES, hat manufacturer, 22 Lawrence Hill
H. HEALE, boot and shoe maker, East Street, Bedminster
Clergy, Gentry and Private Residents
Mr Matthew Henry Hale, Worsley villa, Cotham Side
Mrs., Fairfield Villa, St. Andrew's Hill, Montpelier
Capt., Edward, R.N. 9 Belle Vue, Clifton
Horatio, shoemaker
Joel, blacksmith, Downwend
William, farmer, Oldland
Frederick, shopkeeper, Two-Mile Hill
John, boot and shoemaker
Solomon, beer retailer
George, market gardener, Oatfield Cottage
Slater's Directory of Newnham 1868
With the Parishes and Villages of Awre, Blakeney, Cinderford, Blaisdon, Flaxley, Little
Dean, and the South End Hamlets of East Dean.
HALE William, Flaxley
Kelly's Post Office Directory of
Longhope 1870
HALE Elijah, farmer, Brook farm
Kelly's Post Office Directory of
North Nibley 1870
This is the supposed birthplace of Tyndale, the first translator of the Bible, to whose memory a monument 111 feet high was erected on Nibley Knoll in 1865, the site for which was presented by Lord Fitzhardinge. Lord Fitzhardinge, lord of the manor, the Ven. Sir G. Prevost, bart., G. H. Bengough, esq., R. B. Hale, esq., and Mrs. Williams, are the principal landowners.
Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of
West Dean 1876
HALE Henry, colliery manager, Mitcheldean Lane End
Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of
Newent 1876
HALE Reuben, tailor, Church street
Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of
Uley 1876
HALE Matthew, carpenter
Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazetteer of
Lydbrook 1876
HALE William, haulier and shopkeeper
HALE Mrs. Mary, beer and wine retailer
Bristol directory 1879-Hales
pg 43 all Hale:
Mr. John Edmund, 6 Stanley terrace, Bath road, Bedminster
Mr. Joshua Marshman, Ivy side, 4 East Shrubbery, Lower Redland road
Mr. Matthew, 11 Auburn road, Hampton park
Mr. Thomas Frederick, Westbury park, Redland
Mr. William Wilkins, 7 Cotham side, Cotham road (I assume this is the WW in the other emails)
pg 87 Hail Miss M. A., grocer 49 Milk street
Hale Frederick, builder and contractor, Meridian Vale, Berkeley Place, Clifton
Hale Frederick, contractor, & c. Miridian Vale, Clifton
Hale Humfrey, beer retailer, Barton Hill
Hale Mrs. Jane, Cross Keys, 28 Welsh Back
Hale Joshua M., master of the commercial rooms, Corn street
Hale Samuel, shop keeper, Upper Easton
Hales Edward, boot maker, 9 Kingsland road
Hales William, hat and cap manufacturer, 22 Lawrence hill
Albert Henry        Hawarden House   Avon Vale Road        St George mason
Alfred Jesse                         13 Digby Street       Barton Hill
Charles             Nelson Villa     Bishopsworth Rd       Bedminster Down
Charles                              83 Church Road        St George
Charles                              13 Victoria Rd        Westbury Park
Charles Frederick                    37 Southey Street     Ashley Hill
Christopher William                  22 Woodfield Road     Redland
Edwin               Grocer etc.,      1 Bellvue Road       Totterdown
Edwin James                           5 St James' Churchyard
Frederick           Grocer & br ret  Two Mile Hill Rd      St George grocer
Frederick                               Pretoria           Fishponds
Frederick                            23 Shadwell Road      Bishopston
George                               Air Balloon Road      St George
Henry John                           29 Gladstone Street   Stapleton Road
Herbert George                       Sutherland Place      Durdham Down National Surveyors Assistant
Isaac (b.1831)                        5 St Michael's Terr  Two Mile Hill warehouseman
James                                 6 Warwick Road       Stapleton Road
James                                 3 Upper Perry Hill   Southville
James                                38 Hanover Street     Barton Hill
Jesse                                21 Firfield Street    Totterdown
John                                  3 Gloster Street     St Paul's
John                                 49 Oxford Street      Totterdown
John Henry                           40 Melbourne Road     Bishopston
John Herbert        Penrose             Seymour Avenue     Ashley Down
John Robert   General shopkeeper and
              monumental letter cutter  Arlington Road     St Ann's Park
Joseph                                2 Chelsea Park       Lower Easton
Joseph                              251 Church Road        St George
Joseph        Beer Retailer
              Beaufort Arms             Beaufort Road      St George
Miss Amy      Teacher of Music       20 West Park          Clifton
Miss Augusta Bertha
              Grocer & br ret         1 Southville Place   Bedminster
Miss Florence                        40 John Street        Upper Easton
Miss Florence M  Costumier              Triangle West      Clifton
Miss Frances  Teacher of Dancing     20 West Park          Clifton
Morley                                2 Beaufort Road      St George aged 17
Mrs                                  21 Highgrove Street   Totterdown
Mrs          Wine & Spirit Merchant  23 Old Market Street
Mrs Annie                            53 St Luke's Crescent Totterdown
Mrs Julia                             1 Clement Street     St Paul's
Mrs Mary Ann                         11 Hampton Street     Barton Hill
Mrs Sarah                            20 West Park          Clifton
Robert      General Stores              Gloucester Road    Lawford's Gate
Samuel      14 Aberdeen Terrace         Whitehall Road     Upper Easton
Samuel                               10 Beaconsfeld Road   St George  
Sidney       5 Leigh Terrace            Chessell Street    Bedminster
Solomon      5 Windsor Place            Soundwell Road     Two Mile Hill shoemaker
Thomas                               13 Orange Street      St Paul's
Thomas                               15 Bromley Road       Ashley Down Road
Thomas                               30 St Luke's Road     Bedminster
Thomas Henry                         22 Trelawney Road     Brislington
Walter  Castle of Comfort, Beer ret     Tower Street       Temple beer retailer
William                               2 Gloucester Street  Clifton
William                              32 Wilder Street      St Paul's
Willam                                  Albert Road        Redfield
William F                             7 Oakfield Place     Clifton
William Henry                         3 Myrtle Place       Fishponds
William Henry                        27 Albany Road        Montpelier
William James George                 32 Allington Road     Bedminster
William M                               Claverton          Stoke Bishop
Kelly's Directory of Cinderford 1894
Includes Ruspidge & Soudley
HALE Joseph, Bilson house
Kelly's Directory of Ruardean 1894
HALE Isaac, Malt Shovel Inn
Kelly's Directory of Somerset 1897
Charles Edward Hale Mayor's Attendant
Henry Hale 2 Henrietta Villas, Bath
Miss Hale 19 Somerset Place, Sion Hill, Bath
John Hale 2 Hetling Court Furniture Broker
Charles Edwin Hale 1 Summerlay's Place, Pulteney Road Dairyman
William Hale 8 Bridge Place, Holloway, Bath Butcher
Edmund Thomas Hale The Grange, Bedminster Surgeon, & Medical Officer & Public vaccinator
Miss Hale 11 Linden Road, Clevedon
Henry Hale Dundry Blacksmith
Francis Richard Hale Church Street, Highbridge Shopkeeper
Francis Hale Kilve County Police, Constable
William C Hale Apartments, 1 Glenmore Road, Minehead
Charles Hale 3 Leg Square, Shepton Mallet Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector
Charles Hale Stanton Drew Sales Manager, Bromley Colliery
Herbert William Hale Stogursey Wheelwright
Thomas Hale Stogursey, Bridgewater Saddler & Harness Maker
Silvester Hale Rodney Stoke, Weston-super-mare "Rodney Stoke Inn"
James Hale Westbury, Wells Railway Inn & Farmer
Charles Hale Zingara Villa, Kennington Road, Weston Builder
Fredk. Hale The Myrtles, South Road, Weston-super-mare
John Hale 2 Wilton vils, Swiss Road, Weston-super-mare Cab proprietor
E Hale 5 & 105 St John Street, Bridgewater Provision Dealer
Kelly's Directory of Bristol 1902
Kynaston Hale 30 Clyde Road, Redland
Mrs M Hale 109 Coronation Road
John Hale 3 Gloucester Street, Brunswick Square
Hale bank see St Matthew's Road
William Frederick Hale 7 Oakfield Place, Clifton
Miss Florence M Hale 40 Queens Road Dressmaker
Joseph Hale Salisbury Street, St George Beer Retailer
Mrs Bertha Augusta Hale Southville Place, Bedminster Beer Retailer
Walter Hale Tower Street Beer Retailer
Frederick Hale Two Mile Hill Road Shopkeeper
George Hale Two Mile Hill Road Insurance Agent
Miss Sarah Hale 20 West Park Teacher of Music
Miss Frances Hale 20 West Park Teacher of Dancing
Christopher William Hale 22 Woodfield Road, Redland
Francis Hale Fernside, Hanham, Bitton
John Hale Charlton Farmer
Albert Hale Kingswood Boot manufacturers
Jenkins & Hale Regent Street, Kingswood Boot manufacturer - see Jenkins & Hale
William Matthew Hale Claverton, Stoke Bishop
Miss Alice Hale 146 Bath Road Pianoforte teacher
William Hale 3 Belvedere Road, Redland
Kelly's Directory of Coleford - 1902
HALE & KEAR, colliery proprietors, Lane end
CINDERFORD Private Residents
HALE Charles, Lynwood
HALE Joseph, Bilson house
Kelly's Directory of Surrey, 1913
no entries
Kelly's Directory of Bristol, 1914
George Hale 27 Air Balloon Road, St George Coal Merchant
William Hale Luckleys Barton
George Hale Luckleys Barton
Christopher William Hale 26 Alexander Park, Redland
John George Hale 36 Albert Place, Kingsdown Fruiterer
William Thomas Hale 58 Barratt Street, Lower Easton
William Thomas Hale 54 Barratt Street, Lower Easton
John R Hale Beaconsfield Road, St George Sculptor
Frank George Hale 83 Bell Hill Road, St george Grocer & Greengrocer
Frederick Hale 5 Bishop Road, Bishopston
Edward Hale 140 Bloomfield Road, Brislington
Alfred Hale 49 Boston Road, Horfield
Thomas Hale 5 Brighton Road, Woolcott Park
Alfred Charles Hale 40 Cambridge Street, Totterdown
George Hale 39 Chalks Road, St George
Henry John Hale 35 Chelsea Park, Lower Easton
George Joseph Hale 251 ??? Page 73
Henry F Hale 75 Colston Place, Lower Easton
Mrs Clara G Hale 80 Colston Street, St Augustines Tobacconist
Mrs Mary Hale 109 Coronation Road, St Mary Redcliff
Henry Hale 38 Egerton Road, Bishopston
George Hale 1 Elizabeth Street, Barton Hill
Walter Hale 32 Felix Road, Stapleton Road
Frederick Hale 54 Felix Road, Stapleton Road
Jesse Hale 21 Firfield Street, Totterdown
William Hale 300??? Page 123 FIS
William Morley Hale 512 Fishponds Road Painter & Decorator
William Hale 562 Fishponds Road
Alfred Hale 52 ???? Page 131 Geo
William Hale 4 ???? Page 131 Geo
Edward John Hale 7 New George Street, St Philip's
Albert Russell Hale 40 Granville Street
Ernest George Hale 99 Greenway Bush Lane, Bedminster Baker
Alfred Hale 77 Grosvenor Road Butcher
William Hale 35 Hall Street, Bedminster
Mrs Hale 123 Hampton Road, Redland
Joseph Henry Hale 7 Harrow Road, Brislington
Samuel Hale 8 Hudds Hill Road, St George
Walter Hale 15 King Street, Bedminster "Waterloo Inn" vict.
Frederick Hale 52 Leopold Road, St Andrew's Park
Gilbert Hale 4 Lodge Road
Thomas Hale 79 Lyppiatt Road, St George
John Herbert Hale 14 Maurice Road, St Andrews Park
Walter Hale 89 May Street
Mrs Annie Hale 33 Merioneth Street, Totterdown
Mrs Hale 16 Morton Street
Albert Charles Hale 17 Paddock
Mrs Emma Hale 179 Pennywell Road wardrobe dealer
Mrs Alice Hale Portview Road, Avonmouth shopkeeper
Arthur Hale 27 Princes Street, St Pauls
Allen Percival Hale 2 Radnor Road, Westbury-on-Trym
Mrs Hale 47 Arley Hill
Albert Charles Hale 26 ???  Page 257 SAI
Thomas Hale 30 St Luke's Road, Bedminster
Edward Fromont Hale 16 St Werburgh's Park
Charles Frederick Hale 56 Sevier Street
Soloman Hale 9 Soundwell Road, Two Mile Hill
Sidney John Hale 2 South Road, Bedminster
William Hale 9 Stanley Park
William M Hale Stoke Bishop, Claverton
Ernest Hale 1 Summers Terrace
Albert Hale 5 Tower Road, Two Mile Hill boot maker
Frederick Hale 121 Two Mile Hill ?
Edward Hale 170 Two Mile Hill
George Hale 168 Two Mile Hill
Mrs Susan Hale 13 ??? Page 313 VIC
Kelly's Directory of Somerset 1919
Mrs Charles Hale Guildhall, High Street, Bath Hall Keeper
Henry Hale 2 Henrietta Villas, Bath
Charles Hale 2 Kennington Road Decorator
George William Hale 2 York Place, London Road, Bath Antique Furniture Dealer
Mrs Hale 6 Raby Place, Bathwick
John Hale 2 & 9 Hetling Court Furniture Broker
James Hale Easton, St Cuthbert, Wells
Francis Richard Hale Bason Bridge, East Huntspill, Bridgewater Ironmonger
Mrs Emma J Hale "Black Swan" , North Street, Langridge/Langport
William C Hale Apartments, 1 Glenmore Road, Minehead
George Hale Rodney Stoke Farmer
Roland Hale Rodney Stoke "Rodney Stoke Inn"
Samuel Hale Rodney Stoke Farmer
Herbert William Hale Stogursey Wheelwright
Sidney Hale Garthside, Walton Park, Wambrook
Matthew Thomas Hale Wookey Farmer
Misses Hale Castlefield, Walton Park, Clevedon
Hale & Co 14 George Street, Bridgewater Antique Furniture Dealers

Most entries supplied by Michael HALE, Nanaimo, Canada

See also the Directories on the GLOUCESTERAHIRE MISCELLANY page.








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