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Llewellyn COA
The HALE Coat of Arms
Llewellyn COA
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The following descriptions of some HALE coats of arms are taken from Burke's General Armory.

Hale (Sir FRANK VAN HALE, eighth son of FREDERICK DE HALLE, stated to have been a natural son of ALBERT, King Of the Romans, was among the followers of the Earl of Derby into Gascony, 1344, and was elected a Knight of the Garter, 1359). Gu. a wyvern, wings elevated and crowned or, pendent from the neck an escutcheon of the field, thereon an eagle displ. with two heads ar. all within a border az. charged with six lioncels ramp. and many fleurs-de-lis alternately of the second.

Crest - On the battlements of a castle ar. a wyvern sa. wings addorsed guttee d'or, gorged with a ducal coronet, therefrom a chain reflexed over the back all gold, in the dexter claw a award erect az.


Hale (Somerton Hall; granted to JOSEPH EATON HALE, Esq.). Ar. on a chev. engr. betw. three escutcheons az. each charged with a cinquefoil of the field three towers of the last.

Crest - Upon a rock tower ppr. surmounted by a sun in splendour or, and resting upon the battlements a scaling ladder in bend sa.

Motto - Turris fortis mihi Deus.


Hale (Alderley, co. Gloucester; of this family was the celebrated Sir MATTHEW HALE).

Ar. a fesse sa. in chief three cinquefoils of the last.

Crest - A heron's head erased ar.


Hale (King's Walden, on. Hertford). Az. a chev. embattled and counter-embattled or.

Crest - A serpent ppr. entwined round five arrow-shafts or, headed sa. feathered ar. one in pale, four saltirewise.

Motto - Vera sequor.


Hale. Ar. on a paid fusily gu. a leopard's head or.


Hale (granted to the Venerable Archdeacon HALE). Per pale az. and gu. on a chev. betw. three arrows, points downward or, a cross pattee of the second, all within a bordure erm.

Crest - An arm embowed, vested az. fretty ar. cuffed or, the hand ppr. grasping two arrows also ppr.

Motto - Cum principibus.