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(Piece, Folio and Page numbers are given should you wish to consult the original documents.
These will give you Occupations.)

	*Pentyrch, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5275  81  22]

	 Gwaelody Garth

        Joseph Francis HALE 	M	32	M	Bath, Somerset, England
        Agnes Eliz     HALE 	M	26	F	Pentyrch, Glamorgan
        Joseph Francis HALE 	 	 5	M	Pentyrch
        Thomas Charles HALE 	 	 4	F	Pentyrch
        John Henry     HALE 	 	 2	M	Pentyrch
        Agness Eliz.   HALE 	 	 1	F	Bedwellty

	*Whitchurch, Glamorgan [  RG11 Piece 5275  17  7]


        Fanny      HALE    W	48 	F	North Molton, Devon, England
        William J. HALE    U	15 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
        George H.  HALE    U	13 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
        Frederick  HALE    U	 1 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
        John H.    HEALE   U	17 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
        Henry J.   HEALE   U	 7 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
        Edwin A.   HEALE   U	 5 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan

	*Cardiff St Mary, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5278  2  1]

	1 Westbourne Crescent

       Matthew       Cross	M	48 	M	Risca, Monmouthshire
       Jessie           " 	M	50 	F	Monmouth, Monmouthshire
       Thomas George    " 	U	25 	M	Risca, Monmouthshire
       Jessie Mary      " 	U	23 	F	Risca, Monmouthshire
       Charles O.       " 	U	 1 	M	Ely, Glamorgan
       Kate             " 	U	18 	F	Ely, Glamorgan
       Theodosius M. HALE 	U	42 	M	Bristol

	*Cardiff St Mary, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 528  2  56]

	Adamsdown Sq

      David     HAILES   	M	31 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
      Thyra     HAILES   	M	27 	F	Silverton, Devon, England
      Edward J. HAILES   	 	 4 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
      Sarah A.  HAILES   	 	 1 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
      Thomas W. Walland  	U	25 	M	Silverton, Devon, England

	*Cardiff St Mary, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 528  47  1]

	24 Davis St

     Thos.   HALE    M   42     M    Newport
     Mary A. HALE    M   43     F    Newport
     Annie   HALE    U    2     F    Newport
     Thos.   HALE    U   17     M    Newport
     Sarah A.HALE        13     F    Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Willm.  HALE        11     M    Cardiff
     John    HALE               M    Cardiff
     Mary J. HALE         7     F    Cardiff
     Joseph  HALE         4     M    Cardiff
     Alice   HALE         7m    F    Cardiff
     Thomas Matthews U   22     M    Cardiff
     James Morgan    U   21     M    Newport
     David Collier   U   24     M    Neath, Glamorgan

	*Cardiff St Mary, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5281  2  3]

	32 Patrick Street

     David        John     W	42 	M	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
     Jane         HALES    U	53 	F	Maesycwmmer,Glamorgan
     Charlotte A. HALES    U	34 	F	Whitchurch, Glamorgan
     Ann M.       JOHN         		F	Whitchurch, Glamorgan

	*Cardiff St Mary, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5281  114  33]

	4 Dudley Place

    Frederick HALE      M	 3 	M	Bristol, Somerset, England
    Harriett  HALE      M	28 	F	Bristol, Somerset, England
    Annie H.  HALE      U	 7 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
    Frederick HALE       	 5 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
    Edwin     HALE       	 2 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
    Peter     Carpenter U	25 	M	Bristol, Somerset, England
    Mary      Jones     U	16 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan

	*Llandaff, Glamorgan  [   RG11  Piece 5283  71  4]

	4 Earl St

     Anne M.       HALE	M 	3 	F	Woolwich, Kent, England
     Anne S.       HALE	U	16 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     William       HALE	U	14 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Ruth          HALE	U	12 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Mary A.       HALE	U 	1 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Chrysanthemum HALE	U 	7 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Charles       HALE	U 	4 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan

	*Roath, Glamorgan  [   RG11 Piece 5284  7   6]

	66 Shakspere St

     Charles Parsons  	M	66 	M	Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
     Fanny Parsons    	M	57 	F	Bridgewater, Somerset, England
     George Younger   	U	25 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Charles HEALE    	U	22 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     William Norris   	U	26 	M	Carmethan

	 *Roath, Glamorgan   [   RG11  Piece 5284  12  7]

	33 Wordsworth St

     John HAILES      	M	64 	M	Dowlais, Glamorgan
     Catherine HAILES 	M	66 	F	Tilverton, Devon, England

	*Roath, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 5285   22   37]

	28 Meteor Street

    Thomas HEALE     	M	22 	M	Appledore, Devon, England
    Francis HEALE    	M	 1 	F	Penarth, Glamorgan

	 *Roath, Glamorgan  [   RG11  Piece 5285   112  62]

	3 System St

     John Williams    	M	56 	M	Trelleck
     Margaret Williams	 	53 	F	Penayclawd
     James Williams   	U	18 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Millbrow Williams	 	14 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Thomas HALE	       	 6 	M	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Rosser Rees	       	 3 	M	Roath, Glamorgan

	*Penarth, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 528   13   22]

	11 Plymouth Place

     Anne Campbell     	M	25  	F	Jersey, Channel Islands
     James Campbell    	U	 4  	M	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Ellen Campbell    	U	 1 m	F	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Frederick Campbell	U	 2 w	M	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Charlotte Moss    	W	57  	F	St Athan, Glamorgan
     Polly HALE        	U	18  	F	Penarth, Glamorgan

	*Penarth, Glamorgan  [   RG11  Piece 528   13  46]

	61 Salop St

      William HALE    	M	44 	M	Keynsham, Somerset, England
     Deborah HALE    	M	40 	F	Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England
     Robert Hooper   	U	18 	M	Pentyruh, Glamorgan
     Harry Hooper    	U	15 	M	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Alice Hooper    	U	13 	F	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Clara Hooper    	U	 8 	F	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Albert Hooper   	U	 1 	M	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Martha HALE     	U	 1 	F	Penarth, Glamorgan
     Walter Hooper   	U	 5 	M	Penarth, Glamorgan

	*Penarth, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 528   13  46]

	62 Salop St

     George Parish   	M	65 	M	Bleadon, Somerset, England
     Hannah Parish   	M	57 	F	Linsom, Somerset, England
     Leah B. Parish  	M	28 	F	Keysham, Somerset, England
     Marie Reece     	U	   	F	Penarth, Glamorgan
     William Reece   	U	 4 	M	Penarth, Glamorgan
     William HALE    	U	23 	M	Canton, Glamorgan
     Fredrick Jones  	U	22 	M	Canton, Glamorgan

	*Cardiff St Andrews, Glamorgan [  RG11 Piece 522  88  1]

     John Lansom      	M	26 	M	Affpuddle, Dorset, England
     Mary Jane Lansom 	M	23 	F	Bucklechurch, Gloucester, England
     John Charles P." 	 	 1 	M	St Andrews, Glamorgan
     Charles HALE     	M	43 	M	Dyrhum, Gloucester, England
     Margaret HALE    	M	42 	F	Lanblithian, Glamorgan

	*Eglwysilan, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 523  14  45]

	Bridge Street Trallwn

     Francis Beck     	M	34 	M	Oldbury, Worcester, England
     Sarah Beck       	M	37 	F	Wells, Somerset, England
     Thomas HALE      	 	 8 	M	Eglwysilan, Glamorgan
     David HALE       	 	 5 	M	Newport
     James HALE       	 	 3 	M	Lanyabon, Glamorgan
     Rosina HALE      	 	 1 	F	Kerysbury Bath
     John Kemp        	U 	1 	M	Evercretch, Somerset, England
     Charles Quick    	U	18 	M	Hereford, England

	*Llanwonno, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 525   14   13]

	48 Cardiff Rd

     George HALE     	M	35 	M	Radstock, Somerset, England
     Mary A. HALE    	M	30	F	Pensford, Somerset, England
     Martha HALE     	U	10 	F	Pensford, Somerset, England
     George T. HALE  	U	 8 	M	Caerphilly, Glamorgan
     William HALE    	U	 5 	M	Abertilery
     Isac HALE       	U	 3 	M	Abertilery
     Henry J. HALE   	U	 1 	M	Tynewyll, Glamorgan
     John HALE       	U	15 	M	Tynewyll, Glamorgan

	 *Llantrisant, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 528  48  16]


     John HAIL     	M	54 	M	Mitcheldean, Gloucester, England
     Mary HAIL     	M	41 	F	Llisworney, Glamorgan
     Cathn.E. HAIL 	 	13 	F	Llantrisant, Glamorgan

	*Llantwit Vairdre, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 52  3  38]

	3 Wood Road

     Henry HALE       	M	34 	M	Nailsea, Somerset, England
     Rebecca HALE     	M	32 	F	Cwmbran
     Caroline Ann HALE	U	 8 	F	Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan
     Emma HALE        	U	 6 	F	Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan

	*Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 531  81  32]

	55 Dumfries St

     William Hughes  	M	38 	M	Dowlais, Glamorgan
     Catharine Hughes	M	38 	F	Dowlais, Glamorgan
     Mary E. Hughes  	 	 1 	F	Dowlais, Glamorgan
     Margaret Hughes 	 	 5 	F	Treorky Ystradfodwg
     David Hopkins   	U	35 	M	Dowlais, Glamorgan
     William HALE    	U	14 	M	Ferndale, Glamorgan
     Richard Lloyd   	U	14 	M	Aberdare, Glamorgan

	*Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 535  28  4]

	25 Amelia Terr

     William HALE     	M	33 	M	Ireland
     Mary A. HALE     	M	25 	F	Treforest, Glamorgan
     Hannah HALE      	U	11 	F	Trealaw, Glamorgan
     Hannah Cassey    	U	14 	F	Ebbw Vale

	*Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan  [   RG11  Piece 535  124  17]

	56 Penygraig Rd Grocer Shop

     Thomas David     	M	35 	M	Corntown Ewenny, Glamorgan
     Catherine David  	M	26 	F	Penygraig, Glamorgan
     Tinah M. David   	U	 3 	F	Penygraig, Glamorgan
     Emily C. David   	U	 1 	F	Penygraig, Glamorgan
     Anne HALES       	U	14 	F	Penygraig, Glamorgan

	*Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 5313  41  16]

	5 Court Street

    Thomas HALE     	W	47 	M	Gloucester, Gloucester, England
    Emily M. HALE   	U	18 	F	Gloucester, Gloucester, England
    Hellen E. HALE  	U	13 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan

	*Aberdare, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 5321  16  1]

	11 Dean St

     Samuel HALE      	M	52 	M	Cirencester, Gloucester, England
     Esther HALE      	M	50 	F	Cirencester, Gloucester, England
     Frank H. HALE    	U	21 	M	Aberdare, Glamorgan
     Lizzie H. HALE   	U	17 	F	Aberdare, Glamorgan
     Ernest S. HALE   	U	15 	M	Aberdare, Glamorgan
     Ada Fanny HALE   	 	12 	F	Aberdare, Glamorgan
     Frederick W. HALE	 	11 	M	Aberdare, Glamorgan
     Charles B. HALE  	 	 8 	M	Aberdare, Glamorgan

	*St Brides Minor, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 5326  28  8]

	Level Crossing

     John HALE     	M	56 	M	Bratton, Devon, England
     Maria HALE    	M	55 	F	Parry Combe, Devon, England
     Sarah HALE    	 	 7 	F	Newcastle Lower, Glamorgan

	*Michaelstone Super Avon, Glamorgan [ RG11 Piece 5337 2  35]

	11 Pwllygwlau

     Samuel HALE   	M	65 	M	Chewnbeigh, Devon, England
     Jane HALE     	M	64 	F	Lansamlet, Glamorgan
     John HALE     	U	 3 	M	South Molton, Devon, England

	*Michaelstone Super Avon, Glamorgan[ RG11 Piece 5337 114  32]

	7 Tyr Owen Row

     Ann HEALE      	W	37 	F	Hamrath, Pembroke, Wales
     John HEALE     	U	16 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     James HEALE    	 	12 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     Sarah A. HEALE 	 	 7 	F	Cwmavon, Glamorgan
     Thomas Powell  	U	 3 	M	Leamington, Warwick, England

	*Briton Ferry, Glamorgan [  RG11 Piece 5338  28  1]

	7 Pantyrheol

     Thomas Simons HEALE 	M	40 	M	Crowcombe, Somerset, England
     Ann HEALE           	M	38 	F	Pembray, Carmarthen, Wales
     David HEALE         	U	15 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     James HEALE         	U	12 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     Mary HEALE          	U	 7 	F	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan

	*Briton Ferry, Glamorgan [   RG11  Piece 533  12  15]

	217 Neath Rd

     John HAYLE        	M	42 	M	Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
     Margaret HAYLE    	M	30 	F	Neath, Glamorgan
     William E. HAYLE  	U	18 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     Mary J. HAYLE     	U	16 	F	Neath, Glamorgan
     Elizabeth A. HAYLE	 	13 	F	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan
     John HAYLE        	 	10 	M	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan
     David F. HAYLE    	 	 8 	M	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan
     Margaret A. HAYLE 	 	 6 	F	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan
     Martha HAYLE      	 	 4 	F	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan
     Albert HAYLE      	 	 2 	M	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan
     Amelia HAYLE      	 	 1 	F	Briton Ferry, Glamorgan

	*Neath, Glamorgan  [  RG11  Piece 534  3  26]

	1 Florence St

     Joseph JOHN        	M	36 	M	Llantrisant, Glamorgan
     Jane Elizabeth John	M	32 	F	Cardiff, Glamorgan
     Mary Elizabeth John	U	1 m	F	Neath, Glamorgan
     James HEALE        	M	27 	M	Neath, Glamorgan
     Mary Amelia HEALE  	M	23 	F	Llantrisant, Glamorgan

	*Coedfrank, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5344  7]


     Thomas HEALE     	M	24 	M	Newton Lacey, Devon, England
     Julia HEALE      	M	35 	F	Lambeth, Surrey, England
     Frank HEALE      	 	 7 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     Ada Mary HEALE   	 	 2 	F	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     Ellen Grace HEALE	 	 4 m	F	Cadoxton, Glamorgan

	*Blaenhondda, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5345  52  18]


     James HALE     	M	45 	M	Somerset, England
     Jane HALE      	M	43 	F	Llandilo, Carmarthen, Wales
     Thomas Sergent 	U	18 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     Stephen Sergent	U	16 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     Martha HALE    	U	15 	F	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     William HALE   	U	13 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     James HALE     	 	10 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     George HALE    	 	 4 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan
     John HALE      	 	 1 	M	Cadoxton, Glamorgan

	*St John Near Swansea, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5355  48  2]

	112 Neath Rd

     Letitia Matthews   	W	68 	F	Swansea, Glamorgan
     John Matthews      	U	36 	M	Cwmbwrla, Glamorgan
     Margaret Matthews  	U	31 	F	St Johns Swansea, Glamorgan
     Eleanor Matthews   	U	26 	F	St Johns Swansea, Glamorgan
     William Matthews   	U	23 	M	St Johns Swansea, Glamorgan
     Harriet Ann Thomas 	U	10 	F	Morriston, Glamorgan
     Mary Ann HALE      	U	18 	F	Trevivian, Glamorgan

	*Swansea Town, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5358  45  22]

	13 Castle Bailey St

     Benjamin Parry     	M	45 	M	Holywell, Flint, Wales
     Margaret Parry     	M	50 	F
     Edward Jones       	U	28 	M	Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales
     Albert Parry       	U	15 	M	Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales
     Florence Parry     	U	14 	F	Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales
     Osbourne Parry     	U	12 	M	Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales
     Llewellyn Parry    	U	12 	M	Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales
     Mary HEALE         	 	15 	F	Foxhole Swansea, Glamorgan

	*Swansea Town, Glamorgan [  RG11  Piece 5362  18  2]

	5 Western St

     Alfred HEALE     	M	36	M	Bristol
     Anna HEALE       	M	32	F	Bristol
     Auther HEALE     	 	  	M	Swansea, Glamorgan
     Lina HEALE       	 	 7	F	Pontypridd, Glamorgan
     Florence HEALE   	 	 3	F	Bristol
     Eli HEALE        	 	 8	F	Pontypridd, Glamorgan

          (Thanks to Joan Rasanen for supplying 1881 information.)


67 Ystrad Road

HENRY        HALE Head  Married  41  coalminer        Somerset, Nailsea   English
Rebecca      Hale wife     "     42                   Monmouth, Cwmbran      "
Caroline Ann Hale dau   S        18  domestic serv.   Glam.     Ystrad       "
Emma         Hale dau   S        16  dressmaker                     "        "
Florence Ada Hale dau   S            scholar                        "        "
Henry George Hale son             2                                 "
Thomas Edwards boarder  Single    2  coalminer        Pembroke, Walton     Welsh
Gilbert Hiscox boarder  Single   34  colliery lab.    Somerset, Shepton Mallet Eng
John Williams  boarder  single   18  ass schoolmaster Pembroke, Spittal     Eng

The Census dates were:
1841 - Jun 6/7 : 1851 - Mar 30/31 : 1861 - Apr 7/8 : 1871 - Apr 2/3
1881 - Apr 3/4 : 1891 - Apr 5/6 : 1901 - Mar 31/Apr 1

(Please note this is not a definitive list, may contain errors, and you should CHECK THE RETURNS FOR YOURSELF. If you DO find errors PLEASE let us know)



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