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Glos Coat of Arms
(1800 -1837 ONLY)

(Extracted from the Index compiled by the Gloucestershire Family History Society)

Abia and William HALE            Abenhall     1829
Abigail and William SIMONDS      Taynton      1837
Ann and Edward HARTLAND          Dymock       1803
Ann and William KEAR             Newland      1803
Ann and John JAMES               Ruardean     1804
Ann and Robert BAKER             Tewkesbury   1807
Ann and Samuel WAISTECOTT        St.Mary-de-Crypt, Glouc 1808
Ann and John MOORE               Tewkesbury   1809
Ann and Joseph SMITH             St.John Baptist, Glouc 1814
Ann and William JONES            Taynton      l815
Ann and William COOK             Bishops Cleeve	1818
Ann and Giles WEST               Longborough  1820
Ann and Richard HALE             Longborough  1821
Ann and Thomas AMPHLET           Tewkesbury   1825
Ann and Robert COLLIER           St.John Baptist, Gloucs 1828
Anne and Edward BORTON           Leckhampton  1833
Ann and Richard SWEET(STREET)    Cheltenham   1837
Ann Maria and James TAYLOR       Tewkesbury   1837
Beata and Timothy BENNETT        Mitcheldean  1833
Caelia and John CRUMP            Cheltenham   1834
Cecilia and Henry HUMPHRIS       Hempstead    1831
Charlotte and William BARNES     Abenhall     1828 
Charlotte and James MAISEY       Cheltenham   1832 
Eliza and Enoch GIFFORD          Abenhall     1835 
Elizabeth and George DAWE        Longhope     1803 
Elizabeth and John SMITH         Dymock       1805 
Elizabeth and Henry HAILE        Hempstead    1814 
Elizabeth and Charles WALTON     Tewkesbury   1820 
Elizabeth and Josepth SCUDAMORE  Hempstead    1821 
Elizabeth and Samuel TUMBREL     Hempstead    1821 
Elizabeth and William CROOK      Bishops Cleeve 1822 
Elizabeth and James FISHER       St.Briavels  1823 
Elizabeth and Matthew RYDER      St.Michael, Glouc 1824 
Elizabeth and Joseph BIRCH       Charlton Kings 1826 
Elizabeth and Edward LACEY       Cheltenham   1828 
Eliz. Ann and James SILVER       Barnwood     1829 
Elizabeth and John WHITFIELD     Cheltenham   1829 
Elizabeth and John VERRINDER     Sandhurst    1829 
Elizabeth and Thomas ROBERTS     Hempstead    l831 
Elizabeth and Robert WILLOUGHBY  Adlestrop    1831 
Elizabeth and Charles BARTON     Longborough  1832 
Elizabeth and Absalom KNIGHT     St. Briavels 1833 
Elizabeth and James BENNETT      Leckhampton  1833 
Elizabeth and Samuel JONES       English Bicknor 1835 
Elizabeth and Thomas WHITE       Abenhall     1835 
Elizabeth and Jonathan DAVIS     English Bicknor ,1836 
Elizabeth and George CARRINGT0N  Abenhall     1837 
Frances and Richard BEARD        Newent       1814 
Hannah and John SMITH            Longborough  1813
Hannah and William DENLEY        Bawling      1814 
Hannah and James STAUNTON        Bishops Cleeve 1818 
Hannah and Richard HARRISON      Newland      1820   
Hannah and Joseph COOPER         English Bicknor 1824 
Hannah and George KILFORD        Cheltenham   1824 
Hannah and William BALDWIN       Flaxley      1826 
Hannah and George VOICE          Mitcheldean  1827 
Hannah and William WASLEY        Deerhurst    1830 
Harriet and Samuel KENDALL       Sandhurst    1830 
Harriet and James WHITTINGTON    Abenhall     1834 
Harriett Eliz. and Joseph GAINER St. John Baptist, Glouc 1834 
Hesther and Benjamin JONES       Redmarley D'Abitot 1822, 
Jane and Richard BUTT            St. Mary-de-Crypt. Glouc 1801 
Jane and Thomas WADLEY           St. Mary-de-Crypt .Glouc 1805 
Jane and Edmund ATTWOOD          Longhope     1811 
Jane and John MARTIN             Hempstead    1812 
Jane and Joseph REED             Miserden     1813 
Jane and George SMITH            Mitcheldean  1830  
Jane and William WARD            Littledean   1835
Kezia and Joseph EVANS           English Bicknor 1832
Lucy and Joseph COOPER           English Bicknor 1837 
Margaret and John OAKLEY         Newent       1821 
Maria and John STEPHENS          Cheltenham   1822 
Maria and Giles HALLING          Painswick    1824 
Maria and Edward WARNER          Newland      1828
Marianne and Francis HOLBROOKE   Cheltenham   1836 
Martha and John PRIDEY           Littledean   1809 
Mary and John WARREN             Newent       1802 
Mary and John LEASEY             Tewkesbury   1807 
Mary and Thomas HUNT             Miserden     1807 
Mary and Thomas HALE             Littledean   1809 
Mary and John HAVILAND           Miserden     1818 
Mary Ann and Thomas MORRIS       Cheltenham   1822 
Maryann and William FRY          Stanway      1822 
Mary Ann and William SAUNDERS    Lydney       1822 
Mary Ann and Samuel MULLISS      Cheltenham   1823 
Maryand Thomas WELLS             Cheltenham   1825 
Mary and John JENKINS            Stow on the Wold   1826  
Mary and William INNS            Dymock       1827 
Mary and John PHIPPS             Longborough  1828 
Mary Ann and Jonathon CHIVERS    Newland      1831
Mary and Thomas PARRY            Longhope     1832
 Mary and John WHEELER           Cheltenham   1832 
Mary and Joseph STEPHENS         St.Michael, Glouc 1832 
Mary and Richard ROGERS          Hempstead    1833 
Mary Ar!n and David PRICE        Cheltenham   1834 
Mary Ann and John HALL           Cheltenham   l835 
Mary Ann and John LOVERIDGE      Tibberton    1837 
Miriam and William TIMBRELL      Charlton Kings 1818 
Phoebe and Thomas BAYLIS         Tewkesbury   1831 
Priscilla and Joseph COMPTON     Cheltenham   1836 
Sarah and William PRICE          Longhope     1801 
Sarah and John RUSSELL           Miserden     1808 
Sarah and Thomas HUGHES          St.Mary-de-Crypt\Glouc 1810 
Sarah and James HARRISS          Ebrington    1813
Sarah and Richard LLEWELLIN      Longhope     1823
Sarah and John COOK              Abenhall     1833
Sarah and Robert HODGKINS        Tewkesbury   1834
Sarah Ann and Francis HAWKINS    St Mary de Crypt 1836
Sophia and George COLWELL        Longhope     1802
Susan and Charles GRINDELL       Littledean   1808
Susan and Thomas DAVIS           St Aldate, Glos. 1829
Susannah and John FALVEY         Cheltenham   1825
Winifred and John MEEK           Flaxley      1804



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