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Oak Tree



H.O. 107/1953 PAGE 31 FOLIO 301 REDFIELD MCHALE Catherine 72 Widower Ireland MCHALE Wentworth 31 Married Ireland Machine Maker MCHALE Catherine 24 his Wife Liverpool PAGE 26 FOLIO 356 BATH ROAD HALE Charles 65 Shoemaker St.George HALE Ann 57 St. George HALE Mary 27 Laundress St. George HALE Charles 14 Cotton St. George Henry Factory HALE Samuel Grandson 5 St. George PAGE 30 FOLIO 358 BATH ROAD HALES Elizabeth 46 Widower St. George Matchbox Maker HALES Elizabeth 10 Matchbox Maker St. George HALES Jabez 8 Scholar St. George HALES Samuel 5 Scholar St. George PRICE Anna Visitor 16 Servant St. George PAGE 45 FOLIO 365 NETHAM COX Stephen 28 Chemist St. George Manufacturer COX Sarah 27 St. George COX Stephen 3 St. George COX Sarah 1 Daughter St. George Huff ATHERLEY Anne 21 Servant St. George MORGAN Joanna 15 Servant St. George HALE Thomas 16 ? Servant Somerset PAGE 1 FOLIO 373 BATH ROAD HALE James 44 Silver Rowberrow Refiner HALE Jane 40 Blagdon HALE Eliza 13 Rowberrow HALE Elizabeth 8 Scholar Beerferris Devon HALE Mary Jane 6 Scholar Beerferris STOCK Francis Visitor 18 Labourer Rowberrow PAGE 2 FOLIO 374 BATH ROAD HALE Sarah 51 Married Shipham HALE William 26 Masons Shipham Labourer HALE Mary 15 Spinster Shipham HALE James 8 Scholar Shipham PAGE 20 FOLIO 383 BLACKSWORTH FLOOK George 23 Floor Cloth Weaver St. George FLOOK Henrietta 26 Dressmaker Shipham HALE Charles 6 Son in Law Axbridge Page 19 Folio 430 BATH ROAD HALE George 33 Cordwainer Glos. St George HALE Sarah 29 Dressmaker Glos. St George HALE George 7 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Elizabeth 5 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Sarah 1 Glos. St George PAGE 9 Folio 446 HUDDS LANE HALE Elizabeth 62 House Proprieter Glos. St George HALE Aaron 22 Gardener Glos. St George PAGE 22 FOLIO 521 HALE Ann 29 Married Laboumang er HALE Henry 11 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Joseph 9 Scholar Glos. St George Hale Eliza 7 Scholar Glos. St George HALE William 2 Bristol St. Philip Jacob PAGE 9 FOLIO 533 MEG THATCHERS GREEN HALE Samuel 36 Coal Haulier Glos. St George HALE Eliza 24 Market Woman Salisbury, Wilts HALE Charlotte 15 Glos. St George HALE Elizabeth 3 Glos. St George HALE George 18m Glos. St George Page 13 Folio 535 Meg Thatchers Green HALE Eliza 70 Widower Glos. St George Small House Proprieter WALKER Martha 23 Lodger Glos. St George Cotton Factory HALE Henry 10 Grandson Glos. St George HALE Mathew 6 Grandson Glos. St George PAGE 19 FOLIO 538 NAGS HEAD HILL HARRIS John 44 Beer House Keeper Glos St George HARRIS Ann 40 Bitton Glos. HALE William Widower 60 Lodger Labourer Chew Magna CURTICE / CURTIS Mary Ann 11 Servant Glos. St George PAGE 15 FOLIO 553 BELL HILL HALE William Married 52 Cordwainer Glos. St George HALE Henry 25 Cordwainer Glos. St George PAGE 8FOLIO 568 Lodge Lane HALE Henry 34 Furnace Man Glos. St George HALE Mary 35 Cordwainer Glos. St George HALE Isaac 14 Horse Driver Glos. St George HALE Joseph 12 Mason Labourer Glos. St George HALE Henry 8 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Elizabeth 5 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Sarah Ann 3 Glos. St George HALE Solomon 1 Glos. St George PAGE 10 FOLIO 569 TWO MILE HILL HALE Eliza Unmarried 25 Lodger Dressmaker Glos. St George PAGE 24 FOLIO 576 Two Mile Hill HALE Joseph 43 Labourer Mangotsfield Wholesale Grocer HALE Mary 40 Bacon Dealer Glos. St George HALE Isaac 20 Labourer at Grocer Glos. St George HALE Elizabeth 18 Scholar Glos. St George HALE George 16 Labourer Grocer Glos. St George HALE Solomon 14 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Mary 8 Scholar Glos. St George HALE Frederick 5 Scholar Glos. St George

BRISTOL, St. Stephen

HO 107/1948 CLARE STREET STONE Thomas 62 Tea Dealer St. Nicholas STONE Louisa 42 Wife Clevedon Somerset STONE Louisa 17 St. Stephens STONE Mary Ann 15 Scholar St. Stephens STONE Amy 10 Scholar St. Stephens STONE James Oliver 9 Scholar St. Stephens STONE Sarah Ann 7 Scholar St. Stephens STONE Sarah Sister 68 Nicholas Street, Bristol HALE Mary Ann 22 Servant Rangeworthy


H.O. 107/1955 PAGE 4 FOLIO 291 HALE Horatio 45 Cordwainer Alveston HALE Ann 39 Bristol HALE Elizabeth 16 Laundress Filton HALE William son 14 Cordwainer Filton HALE Sarah 3 Filton PAGE 6 FOLIO 292 BENNETT Stephen 37 Teazle Merchant Weir Somerset BENNETT Henry 33 Bristol BENNETT Phoebe 5 Filton BENNETT Thomas 3 Filton BENNETT Harriet 1m Filton HALE Elizabeth 23 Servant Nettleton TUTTON William 19 Servant Bedminster


H.O. 107/1955 Page 3 HALE Elizabeth 42 Widower Not known


H.O. 107/1955 PAGE 2 FOLIO 329 SCHOLARS AND BOARDERS WELSFORD William 15 Malcomb Regis Dorset WELSFORD Richard 13 Malcomb Regis SCALES Herbert 12 Stoke Newington JAMES Charles 12 Cardiff Henry THOMAS Thomas 12 Pontypool BOMPAS Frederick 11 Stapleton Gls. + Brother TAYLOR William 11 Romsey Hampshire SPRIGG Clarson 8 Ipswich SPRIGG Arthur 7 Ipswich FUGE John Hale 7 Bristol St James BOWDEN Sarah 40 Servant Bideford, Devon GARRAWAY Hannah 30 Servant Sodbury STICKLAND Mary Ann 17 Servant Romsey WICKHAM John 12 Servant Mangotsfield Errand Boy Page 7 Folio 355 MONKS William 56 Plasterer Mangotsfield MONKS Mary 55 Mangotsfield HALE / Sarah 19 Servant Mangotsfield HALL Page 15 Folio 418 HALE Edwin Widower 35 Ag Lab Dyrham HALE Ann 31 Carm. Lang HALE Hannah 5 Scholar Bedminster HALE Edwin 3 Bedminster

HENBURY Includes Kings Weston, Lawrence Weston, Stowick, Hallen, Compton, Charlton,

H.O. 107/1955 Page 7 Folio 270 CHARLTON STONE Ann Amy 70 unmarried Bristol HALE Elizabeth 20 Servant Rangeworthy BAYLEY Mary 20 Servant Filton MONTHS Elizabeth 16 Servant Fishponds

WESTBURY ON TRYM Includes Tything of Stoke Bishop

H.O. 107/1955 Page 39 Folio 23 CLARENCE PLACE HALE James 30 Gardener Malvern HALE Sarah 30 Windon Somerset HALE James 2 Bristol, Westbury HALE George 2m Bristol, Westbury CROSS John 25 Coachman Blagdon CROSS Amelia Wife 28 Lace Maker Charlton Heath Wiltshire CROSS Julia 7 Brinkworth CROSS John 1 Bristol, Westbury Page 31 Folio 123 VILLAGE ROAD HAIL William 24 Saddler etc Bristol St Augustine HAIL Emma 23 Bristol St Augustine HAIL Edward 6m Bristol, Westbury WATTS Mary 62 Visitor Widow Clen-Bryen ? Salop Nurse PENNELL Esther 13 Servant Alveston Gloucestershire Page 17 Folio 141 REDLAND TERRACE NELMES Mary Wife 31 Comm. Trav. Linens London Nelmes Rosa 7 Scholar At Home Bristol Nelmes Emily 5 Scholar At Home Bristol Nelmes Henry 3 Scholar At Home Bristol Nelmes Frank 1 Bristol PERRIMAN Margaret 21 Governess London HALL / HALE Fanny 19 Servant Gloucestershire Newnton ?

BRISTOL, St. Philip-Jacob (Part)

H.O. 107/1949 ELBROAD STREET, BRISTOL HALE Edward 30 Baker Braton ? Wiltshire Hale Sarah 29 West Leech Gloucestershire Hale Elizabeth 5 Bristol Hale Edward 3 Bristol Hale Sarah Ann 11m Bristol AMOS William 20 Servant Baker Bridgewater West Newton DEVINELL Adelaide 16 Servant Bristol MONURIEL ? William 21 Servant Bristol REDCROSS STREET, BRISTOL NICHOLS Ann Widow 77 Clothes Dealer Bristol HALE Sarah 52 Bristol Hale James 18 Labourer Bristol Hale Harriet 24 Servant Bristol Hale Caroline 22 Servant Gloucestershire Hale Emily 11 Servant Gloucestershire GLOSTER PLACE, BRISTOL LOINES Thomas 31 Labourer Bristol LOINES Jane 29 Bristol LOINES Jane 10 Scholar Bristol LOINES Elizabeth 7 Scholar Bristol LOINES Louisa 5 Scholar Bristol LOINES William 3 Scholar Bristol LOINES Harriet 4m Bristol HALE Eliza 79 Lodger Bristol HYDE Thomas 65 Lodger Greenwich Pensioner Bristol GLOSTER PLACE, BRISTOL HALE Sarah 37 Widow Laundress Bristol Hale William 21 son Labourer Bristol Hale Mary Ann 7 Scholar Bristol Hale Tobias 3 Scholar Bristol

St. Philip & Jacob, (Out)

H.O. 107/1954 Page 20 Folio 14 GREAT GEORGE STREET, BRISTOL HALE Moses 50 Labourer Gloucester HALE Sarah 40 Labourer Bristol HALE SOLMON 50 Married Labourer William Page 31 Folio 123 GLOUCESTER LANE, BRISTOL GARNSEY ? Henry 69 Widower Shepton Mallett Twine Spinner HALE Margaret 42 Tailoress Shepton Mallett GREAT WESTERN STREET, BRISTOL Page 12 Folio 280 STIFF Thomas 27 Boot & Shoemaker Dursley STIFF Sarah 27 Stow on the Wold STIFF Clara 4 Scholar Bristol, St. Philip STIFF Susanna 2 Bristol, St. Philip STIFF Catherine 10m Bristol, St. Philip HALE George 9 Sister in Law Stow on the Wold Page 13 Folio 280 GREAT WESTERN STREET, BRISTOL HALL / HALE James 15 Occupier Kingswood Shoemaker Page 16 Folio 282 GREAT WESTERN STREET, BRISTOL HALE / HALL James 51 Leather Slowet & Flock Dealer HALE / HALL Mary 39 Winslow Cheshire HUTTON Sarah Ann 17 Daughter in Law Manchester Twine Spinner Page/Folio 36/292 QUEEN ANN STREET, BRISTOL HALE John 30 Salt or Soda Cake Maker Manchester HALE Joanna 32 Tiverton HALE William 13 Piecer Trowbridge Cotton Factory Page 26 Folio 319 KINGSLAND ROAD HALE Mary Ann 30 unmarried Staymaker Middlesex London Page 15 Folio 372 ARMORY PLACE, Bristol MAYOR Emilius 50 Surgeon Bristol Seipo MAYOR Elizabeth 45 Stapleton, Glos. MAYOR Ellen 4 Bristol MAYOR Emilius 1 Bristol HALE Ann 25 Servant Wells THOMAS Ann 32 servant Cardiff Page/Folio 14/423 EAGLE STREET , BRISTOL HALE / HALL Matthew 39 Tobacco Bristol Spinner HALE / HALL Ann 40 Glastonbury HALE / HALL John 9 Bristol Page 31 Folio 431 TWINNELL STREET SKIDMORE Daniel 24 Tailor Frampton Cotterell SKIDMORE Sarah 23 Straw Bonnet Maker Bristol, St. Philip SKIDMORE Sarah Ann 2m Bristol, St. Philip HALE David Visitor 23 Tailor Redcliffe Bristol Page 7 Folio 446 LION PLACE, BRISTOL WALKER Francis 10 Scholar Bristol St. Philip Jacob WALKER Edward 8 Scholar Bristol St. Philip Jacob WALKER Eliza 6 Scholar Bristol St. Philip Jacob WALKER Julia 3 Bristol St. Philip Jacob HALL / HALE Visitor 23 Servant Somerset Page 22 Folio 427 SION PLACE, BRISTOL SUMPTION Susanna 59 Widow Charwoman Bristol HALE Ellen 20 Lodger Cotton Weaver Uley Page 20 Folio 584 TYLER STREET HALE Elizabeth 25 Married Bristol MITCHELL Hannah 46 Mother Widow Bristol MITCHELL Jeremiah 20 Brother Ag Lab Bristol MITCHELL James 12 Brother Bristol HALE Elizabeth 11m Bristol

BRISTOL, Temple (Holy Cross)

HO 107/1947 TEMPLE MEADS HALES Thomas 33 Stable Man Keynsham Hales Mary 32 Colerne Wiltshire TEMPLE STREET UNDRY ? Christopher 60 Marine Store Dealer Berm ? Devon UNDRY ? Mary 56 Pyne Devon HALE Sarah 20 Servant Wells HARRIS YARD HALE Thomas 38 Nailer Little Dean HALE Mary 21 House Keeper Bleadon Somerset HALE Thomas 17 Nailer Bristol HALE William 8 Scholar Bristol TEMPLE BACK SKINE John 25 Brass Finisher Bristol SKINE Sarah 28 Warehouse Woman Bristol SKINE Sarah 2 Bristol SKINE John 3m Bristol SKINE Ann Mother 60 Widow Bristol Transferrer at Pottery WOOLLEY Alice 12 Servant Bristol House Maid HALE Sarah Niece 9 Scholar Bristol WATER LANE PLAYER Elizabeth 67 Widow Gloucester HALE Ann 42 Widow Bristol Charwoman HALE Mary 18 Servant Bristol Grand Daughter HALE Thomas 18 Servant Bristol Grandson HALE William 4 Grandson Bristol FISH John 40 Lodger Horse Keeper Devon Not Known BOWMAN James 31 Lodger Bricklayer Labourer BOULD Jonathan 20 Lodger Carter Frenchay WATER LANE DREDGE Ann 23 Tailor Married Bristol DREDGE Eliza Daughter 4 Bristol HALE Martha Sister 11 Assistant to Bristol Tailor CHURCH STREET ROCK Ann 35 Married Cordwainer Redcliffe FORD Louisa 31 Turner Bristol St James HALE Harriet 20 Shoe Binder Lodger Yatton NEWMAN William 34 Porter Lodger Wiltshire RINGS BUILDINGS HALE Mary Ann 30 Tailoress Married Wickham Hants NURWAY Mary Ann 7 Daughter Bristol


H.O. 107/1945 CHARLOTTE STREET HALE John 65 Carpenter Wiltshire HALE Mary Ann 54 Devon DARO Abraham 6 Scholar Grandson Bedminster, Bristol WAKEFIELDS COTTAGES WELLS John 38 Labourer in Bradford Wiltshire Skinning Yard WELLS Maria 47 Weaver Bradford Wiltshire SMITH Louisa Visitor 9 visitor Scholar Bradford Wiltshire HALE Elizabeth 16 Servant Brockley Page 52 Folio 305 BAGGS COURT HALE Hannah 60 Widow Pauper Banwell Page 46 Folio 541 PILE HILL LANE HALE James 26 Railway Labourer Nimlet HALE Mary Ann 27 Keynsham HALE Thomas 4 Keynsham HALE Alfred 1 Bedminster, Bristol HALE Mary Ann 2 weeks Bedminster, Bristol HALE Hester 71 Mother Married Keynsham Page 39 Folio 511 KING STREET HALE Joseph 52 Nailmaker Forest of Dean HALE Sarah 53 Wife Bedminster, Bristol HALE Joseph 17 Nephew Warminster Wiltshire Nailmaker Page 28 Folio 532 Regent Street HALE John 30 Labourer Redcliffe Bristol Colour Works HALE Elizabeth 38 Haverfordwest HALE Thomas 2 Bedminster, Bristol HALE John 1 Bedminster, Bristol


H.O. 107/1952 YORK CRESCENT BROWN Thomas 82 Vice Admiral R.N. Ireland BROWN Elizabeth 56 Wife Falmouth GOULD John 60 Visitor Major Army Asshbourn Derby Halfpay GOULD Maria 47 Visitor Falmouth GREENE Henry 34 Visitor Surgeon Portsmouth HALE Maria 22 Servant Luton YORK CRESCENT HABERFIELD John 60 Mayor of Bristol, Knight,Attorney Devonport HABERFIELD Sarah 40 Wife Gloucester City HABERFIELD Phoebe age ? Cousin Arundel COLES Mary 40 Visitor Widow Wells POTTS Louisa 28 Visitor Upper Clapton MAHONY Sarah 26 Visitor Ireland BRIDGMAN Charles 30 Servant Married Langford BRIDGMAN Sarah 30 Servant Landogo HALE Elizabeth 50? Servant London POWELL Jane 30 Servant Worcestershire Clifton on Time DRAYTON Anne 30 Servant Bradford Wiltshire SOUTHWOOD Samuel 20 Servant Showbrooke Devon BACK OF CRESCENT SKINNER Jane 32? Widow Somerset Kiloe Small Grocers Shop PAINE Anne 76 Mother Somerset Heek Noller ? PAINE Henry 6 St Pauls, Bristol PAINE Edwin 2 Clifton, Bristol VENNAMOT Elizabeth 22 Visitor Devon Church Taunton VICARY Maria 29? Lodger Washford HALE Jane 22? Lodger Wash Somerset LOVE STREET HALL / HALE Caroline ? Married Dressmaker Exeter HALL / HALE Mary 10m Clifton JOHNSON Charlotte 30 Sister Married Dressmaker Exeter JOHNSON Edwin 7 Scholar Bristol JOHNSON Emma 2m Clifton CAROLINE PLACE HAWKES Ann 42 Widow Lodging House Keeper Taunton DAVIS Mary Ann 21 Lodging House Keeper Taunton HAWKES Thomas 8 Taunton HALE Maria 20 Servant Wrington TAYLER Isaac 26 Mariner Visitor Burnham ? Essex JAMES Jane 30 Cousin Visitor Hull Yorks Master Mariners Wife JAMES Henry 3m Visitor Hull MALL PLACE HALE Jacob 41 Chemist & Druggist Clifton HALE Mary 47 Wiltshire Dittons Marsh HALE Mathew 17 Clerk in Sugar Refinery Clifton HALE William 15 Chemists Apprentice Clifton HALE Marianne 7 Clifton WILKINS Sarah 52 wife's Sister unmarried Dittons Marsh GREEN Sarah Ann 20 Servant Trowbridge GLOUCESTER PLACE Bath Hotel HALE or HAB Sarah 36 Servant Visitor Lady's Maid Bury St Edmunds WORCESTER TERRACE AUBREY Edward 45 Clergyman Unemployed France Georgina under 40 Wife Berks Windsor Castle DANILL Elizabeth 55 Cousin Widow Companion Not Known ANNEN Sarah 35 House Keeper Widow Weymouth HALE Elizabeth 55 Cook Gloucester LANGFORD Mary Ann 37 House Maid Bodmin BOSLEY Hannah 28 Stogumber Henbury SHOPMAN George 31 Butler Cornwall FORD William 27 Coachman Devon Eemington ? SMITH William 26 Footman Harford Devon


H.O. 107/1955 Clifton Union Workhouse Page 3 PAUPERS HALE Elizabeth 42 Widow none Not Known


H.O. 107/1951 HOPE PLACE HALE / HALL Sarah 76 Widow Laundress Hanham HALE / HALL Jane 46 Daughter Laundress Bristol UPPER BERKELEY PLACE WOOLLETT Marian 60 Widow Fund Holder FOY WOOLLETT Mary Ann 24 Monmouth WOOLLETT Winifred 22 Monmouth WOOLLETT Ellen 20 Monmouth PHILLIPS Kezia 26 Servant Monmouth HALES Mary Ann 23 Servant Hereford Llangarran COLLEGE CRESCENT HAIL William 64 Labourer Painter Hereford Upton Bishop HAIL Maria 58 Watchett HAIL Maria 25 Dressmaker Bristol HAIL Elizabeth 19 Dressmaker Bristol


H.O. 107/ 1951 GRIFFIN LANE HALE Amelia 48 Widow Green Grocer Wootton Gloucestershire TYNDALLS BUILDINGS BRYANT James 26 Labourer Shepton Mallett BRYANT Elizabeth 24 Yarcombe BRYANT Charles James 1 Bristol HAIL Sarah 36 Sister in Law Yarcombe Sailor Wife

BRISTOL, St. James

H.O. 107/1950 FOX COURT HAIL / HAIT Michael 36 Labourer Ireland EUGENE STREET NEWMAN Ann 42 Cordwainer Gloucestershire St Georges NEWMAN Ann 70 Mother Widow Winterhead Cordwainer HAIL Sophia 39 Visitor Widow Bristol Tailoress HAIL Frederick 12 Visitor Langport GUARDIAN HOUSE HALE Helena 18 Redcliffe NEW BUILDINGS JACKSON John 30 Lodging House Keeper Yorks Barmley Down WILLIAMS Ann 22 Servant Bristol WILLIAMS Fanny 20 Lodger Servant Thornbury HALE John 32 Lodger Masons Labourer Rhod Somerset EARL STREET HALES Isaac 32 unmarried Moulder Bristol HORSEFAIR COURT Nicholas 34 Shop Keeper Devon Broad Hunpster ? COURT Ann 35 Shop Keeper Broad Hunpster ? COURT Mary 1 Bristol St James WEBBER Harriet 11 Cousin Servant Broad Hampston HALE James 32 Lodger Bristol St James Portrait Painter

BRISTOL, St. John the Baptist

H.O. 107/1948 CHRISTMAS STREET KIMYSTON Sarah 28 Tabacconist Hammersmith Middx HALE George 19 Servant Bristol

BRISTOL St. Mary, Redcliffe

HO 107/1947 37, Pile Street HALE William 50 Nailmaker Gloucestershire HALE Ann 37 Bristol HALE Josiah 21 Nailmaker Bristol HALE George 10 Scholar Bristol HALE Elizabeth 3 Bristol HALE Frederick 3m Bristol POPLAR SQUARE HALE Edwin 28 Porter Keynsham HALE Martha 34 Spinner Bristol BAKER James 14 Weaver Bristol BAKER Martha 10 Scholar Bristol HALE George 4 Bristol HALE Edwin 2 Bristol POPLAR SQUARE HALE Eliza 62 Widow Servant Lyme Dorset MILLS Caroline 30 Daughter Widow Spinner Bridport Dorset HALE Ellen 8 Daughter Scholar Bristol REDCLIFFE HILL WHISH Martin 69 Widower Northwold Norfolk Richard Vicar of Bedminster WHISH Charlotte 33 Daughter Abbots Leigh WHISH Jno Martin Hale 28 Clergyman Abbotts Leigh BRIGSTOCK Caroline 21 Niece Pembrokeshire Whish BRIGSTOCK Glandwin 19 Nephew Pembrokeshire JAMES Emma 39 Servant Cook Bristol St Augustine CHAPMAN Sarah 28 Servant Parlour Maid Danster Somerset WILLIAMS Mary Jane 21 Servant House Maid Bedminster

BRISTOL, St. Stephen

HO 107/1948 CLARE STREET STONE Thomas 62 Tea Dealer Bristol St. Nicholas STONE Louisa 42 Wife Clevedon Somerset STONE Louisa 17 Bristol St. Stephens STONE Mary Ann 15 Scholar Bristol St. Stephens STONE Amy 10 Scholar Bristol St. Stephens James Oliver 9 Scholar Bristol St. Stephens James Sarah Ann 7 Scholar Bristol St. Stephens James Sarah Sister 68 Nicholas Street, Bristol HALE Mary Ann 22 Servant Rangeworthy CLARK Martha 22 Servant Didmarton


H.O. 107/1949 MEADOW STREET WOODS Thomas 51 Ag. Lab Surrey Godalming WOODS Margaret 53 Culmstock WOODS Isabel 17 Tailoress Bristol WOODS William 13 Bristol HENLEY John 35 Lodger Bristol Labourer Chemist HALE Francis 38 Lodger Bristol Butcher Labourer LEEK LANE HALE Joseph 39 Brewer Bristol HALE Margaret 30 Bristol HALE Mary Ann 10 Bristol HALE Elizabeth 8 Bristol HALE Emma 6 Bristol HALE Joseph 3 Bristol HALE Baby Girl 2 days old Bristol PORTLAND SQUARE KING Henry 61 Solicitor Kensington Middlesex Wheeler KING Sarah Mary 65 Whitcombe Gloucestershire KING Emily 33 Bristol HALE Emma 16 Servant Yate VICTORIA STREET HALE William 58 Widower Williton Landed Proprietor HALE Sarah 28 British Guiana DINWIDDY Sarah 18 Servant Bristol DRIVERS FIELD EVANS James 27 Cordwainer Bristol St Pauls EVANS Jemima 27 Boot Binder Bristol Temple EVANS Charlotte 6 Bristol St Pauls EVANS Mary 4 Bristol St Pauls EVANS Jemima 2 Weston Super Mare HALE Elizabeth 21 Lodger Unmarried Downend Boot Binder HUMPHRIES William 10 Visitor Bath


Page 4 Folio 250 ELTON PLACE HALE Thomas 67 Brass Founder Bristol HALE Sarah 52 Bristol THOMAS Frederick 22 Brass Founder Bristol THOMAS Theodoius 17 Brass Founder Bristol STRACHAN Emma 28 Visitor Bristol CHOWN Jane 22 Servant Honiton Devon Page 42 Folio 269 RICHARDS Henry 52 Curate Perpetual Farlington Hants Page 44 Folio 270 RICHARDS Caroline 52 Stratton RICHARDS Helena 25 St Pauls, Bristol Caroline GRIFFITH Edward 23 M.A. Oxford Stapleton Farmer 99 Acres GRIFFITH Charles Henry 20 Horfield GRIFFITH Mary Elizabeth 16 Scholar at Home Horfield WADDINGTON Eliza 24 Visitor Usk Solicitors Daughter BEVAN Augusta 19 same Clifton Bristol CHAPMAN Robert 32 Servant Skilgate WINDMILL Sarah 26 Servant Pensford HALE Louisa 22 Servant Somerset Quantockshire ? MORRIS Charlotte 25 Servant Sussex Sluice


H.O. 107/1953 The New Orphan House, Ashley Down Page 9 Folio 240 HALE Amelia 10 ? Yatton, Somerset HALE Charlotte 8 Yatton, Somerset Page 15 Folio 243 HALE Oliver 5 Yatton, Somerset


H.O. 107/1953 Page 4 Folio 6 KING SQUARE HALL Sarah 80 Widow Bristol St. Augustine Fund Holder CHERRY Maria 60 Visitor Northants Thrapston Annuitant HALE Jemima 47 Servant Bristol St. Phillips Page 21 Folio 14 KINGSDOWN PARADE LEVY Levy 63 Retired Gloucestershire Regis Glass Merchant LEVY Elizabeth 54 LEVY Frederick 19 Glass & China Dealer Plymouth LEVY Abraham 17 Glass & China Dealer Bristol LEVY Henry 14 Assistant Bristol LEVY Sophia 12 Scholar Bristol DEFRIES Colman 23 Visitor Commercial Traveller Bristol HALES Servant 57 London Worle Page 61 Folio 34 DOVE STREET MEREDITH Charles 37 Steam Packet Agent Bristol MEREDITH Susanna 40 Co. Cork Ireland MEREDITH Emma 8 Scholar Bristol HALE Caroline 20 Servant Chewton Mendip


H.O. 107/1955 Hale none found

BRISTOL, Castle Precincts

H.O. 107/1948 Hale none found


H.O. 107/1948 Hale none found

BRISTOL, St. Ewen, St.Leonard, St Werburgh

HO 107/1948 Hale none found


H.O. 107/1953 Hale none found

BRISTOL, Maryleport

HO 107/1948 Hale none found


H.O. 107/1955. Hale none found


H.O. 107/1953 Hale none found


H.O. 107/1953 Hale none found

BRISTOL, St. Nicholas

HO 107/1948 Hale none found


H.O. 107/1955 Hale none found

BRISTOL, St. Peter

H.O. 107/1948 Hale none found

BRISTOL, (St. Thomas)

HO 107/1947 Hale none found


H.O. 107/1955 PAGE 5 FOLIO 526 HALE Edmund 40 Mason Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Mary Ann 37 Howsom ? Kent HALE Jennettey Daughter 11 Scholar Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Robert 9 Scholar Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Mary 5 Scholar Winterbourne, Gls. PAGE 11 FOLIO 529 HALE Elizabeth Widower 88 Kainslane ? Somerset PAGE 12 FOLIO 530 HALE Edwin Brother 20 Winterbourne, Gls. PAGE 13 FOLIO 530 HALE Luke 54 Mason Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Hannah 54 Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Pamela 19 Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Henry 16 Winterbourne, Gls. PAGE 13 FOLIO 530 HALE John 26 Ag Lab Winterbourne, Gls. HALE Elizabeth 27 Winterbourne, Gls. PAGE 9 FOLIO 566 HALE George 39 Ag Lab Winterbourne Glos. HALE Harriet 40 Winterbourne Glos. HALE Ann 11 Scholar Winterbourne Glos. HALE Charles 4 Scholar Winterbourne Glos. HALE Thomas 7m Winterbourne Glos.