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MORE NAMES of people are seeking help with their research. We have given their address after the entry (see NB at the bottom) so that you can e-mail them directly.


  1. HEDDON ON THE WALL, NORTHUMBERLAND is the home of JUNE NEALE. She writes:" G.Grandfather WILLIAM HENRY SCRIVENS married ANN HALE sometime in early 1800s was a farrier in the Royal Horse Artillery. Can find no further info on either may have an Irish connection Can you help please? " [jneale6292$]

  2. WESLEY HALE in SACRAMENTO, USA says "Looking for any Hale decentees of GEORGE HEALE and of NICHOLAS HEALE born 1575 England, and any Hale in Smith Co Tennessee. "[skypilot$]

  3. GARY E. FRENCH in ONTARIO, CANADA is interested in contacting the descendants of the siblings of SARAH HALE, daughter of GABRIEL HALE and granddaughter of MATTHEW HALE, of STANCHCOMBE in Stinchcombe (formerly of North Nibley) who married SAMUEL FRENCH. Her first cousin brought the law suit to attempt to prove succession from Sir Mathew Hale. [french$]

  4. GAINESVILLE, FL USA is the home of SARAH HALE. She writes:" Hi, Your website is so informative. My Grandparents, DOROTHY and EVERETT HALE, live in PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts and I knew we were related to NATHAN HALE but I see his Grandnephew was EDWARD EVERETT which must be where My Grandpa's name is from. What a cool website, thanks! [sarah17$]

  5. JUDY in KERROBERT, SASK. CANADA says " My Grandmother was EDITH MILDRED HALE, born in Sept., 1894 in HAMPSHIRE, England. Her mother's name was ALICE PURNELL, born in 1863 in Wiltshire. Edith was placed in an orphanage by her father, whose name no one seems to know. If anyone knows anything about this family, please let me know. Thanks!, "[ljsimonson$]

  6. DOLLY, somewhere in the U.S.A is looking for a WILLIAM HALE , Birth 1722. He came to NEW PORT, New Hampshire U.S.A., from SURREY, England on a cattle boat "Justitia" whose Captin was Barnet Bond. Thank you Dolly. [DeeDeeVky$]

  7. PAUL MARTIN of HARROW, MIDDX writes: " My great Aunt, who lived in Cheltenham, before moving to Reading after her marriage led me to believe that our family was somehow related to the HALES and I think she mentioned SIR MATTHEW HALE. I have spent some time trying to find any link but so far this has not revealed any evidence of any kind. Your site does not suggest any connection but I am unceratin which side of the family this may be on. Any proposals where to look next may be useful." [i_paul.martin$]

  8. BONNIE HALE ANDERSON in ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, USA says " I have no great source of information. I am searching for information on GEORGE WASHINGTON HALE and MARGARET (CORLEY) HALE. They had my grandfather - GEORGE WILLIS JAMES HALE. I do not know if my Hale family started out in England, Wales or where. Do know that my grandfather died in COY, Ark. USA maybe in the middle 1920's. Would appreciate any information. "[bonconand$]

  9. ALLAN RICHARD HALE in BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS says " I'm trying to trace siblings, ancestors, or any other relatives of my grandfather CHARLES FREDERICK HALE of MERE RD, ERDINGTON, Birmingham UK Born approx 1880 died approx 1947-48,"[allrich$]

  10. LARRY J HALE in SHELDON MO., says " I'm the son of WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYANT HALE 1900- 1990, His father was FINLEY BARTHOLMES HALE from NEW WEST VIRGINA NEBR. died in 1945 I believe my great gt grand father's name was LEVI HALE. "[hale1$]

  11. MONTREAL (Canada), is the home of MANON. He writes: " I am urgently looking for details on ALVIN HALE. He was in Montreal (Canada) in the 1910ís and married a French Canadian woman, FLORIDA GAGNON, around 1914- 1915. Florida Gagnon was born on February 7, 1898 and died on February 11, 1970. Alvin and Florida had two children: a daughter, MARIE-LOUISE (could be another spelling) who died at two years old, and a son , PHILLIPE, who was born in 1917. Philippe Hale is my grandfather. He is now 84 years old. He never knew his father as Alvin left when he was 4. Alvin was never seen again by his Montreal family. Some says that he might have gone to Ottawa, other say that he was Irish or English and went back to his country. My grandfather always wanted to know more about his father , I would like to tell him more about him. Also, as the descendants of Alvin Hale, we would all like to know were we come from.
    Any information or pictures would be most welcomed. If you have any details, I would be very grateful if you could answer as soon as possible. Please note that Alvin Hale might not have told the people home of his marriage in Montreal. "

  12. STONEVILLE, Western Australia is the home of RONALD BERNARD SCOTT. He writes:" Can you please assist in helping me in locating my mothers genealogy. My mother's name is MARGARET JOAN SCOTT (nee HALE) Her mother's name is Margaret Ann Hale (nee Sullivan) Her father is EDWIN WILLIAM HALE. They lived at 5 Granville Street, NEWPORT on the 10th of August 1924. My mother Margaret Joan who passed away on the 15/12/1995 Born in NEWPORT Wales 10 aug 1924 mother Margaret Ann Hale, nee Sullivan, Father EDWIN William Hale (Seaman). AS far as I know she had one sister Marjory who Married a Parry. Mum was known as Joan and was brought up by Granny Hale?? also she Married a William Bernard Scott Any help in my search would be greatly appreciated All of this information was taken from the certified copy from the birth entry, number 442 from the sub district of Newport West. I have looked through your information but the Margaret Ann Sullivan connection is not clear. Any assistance will be greatly appretiated. Kindest Regards" [ronaldscott54$]

  13. MATTHEW HALE of WEYMOUTH, DORSET writes: " .I'm very interested in seeing how far back I can trace my family history and see how closely other Hales resemble myself" [mjhale79$]

  14. LINDA HALES MADGAR in NORTH CAROLINA, says " I am looking for any info about 2 Hale(now spelled Hales) who sometime before 1750 were in DUBLIN, Ireland and hid on a ship to America because they had stole a loaf of bread due to being so hungry. They probably lived in England before being in Dublin. They eventually went South; one to North Carolina and one to South Carolina or Ga.(not sure). Samuel Hale(Hales) was in N.C. in 1750. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful." Linda Madgar[lmadgar$]

  15. Updated ADELAIDE, South Australia is the home of LEON HALE. He writes:" Update on my previous request, have now copy of birth certificate of my Grandfather WILLIAM HALE, born in LONDON COLNEY, Hertford in April 1856, son of WILLIAM and HANNAH, nee BARR, HALE of St Albans. His parents married at REDBOURNE 25 May 1844 and he had an elder brother GEORGE born 1853, am looking for remainder of the siblings if any could help, thank you for this Website." [haleon$]

  16. Updated NICK HALE in NEWPORT, GWENT, S WALES writes:" I now have more information on my family and would like to change my previous letter which is no 5 on page 4 please. - I am searching for any information on the Hale family from Shipham in Somerset. My g g grandfather was CHARLES HALE and would have been born in Shipham c. 1815. He married ANN ...from Dawlish in Devon and later moved to Cwmcelyn, Blaina in Monmouthshire with at least two of his children JAMES (or Samuel James) and WALTER, who were 21 and 16 on the 1881 census. [$]

  17. TRISH HALE of SYDNEY, Australia writes: " I am looking for information of descendents of WILLIAM HALE born 1799 in Hertfordshire, Married Elizabeth BULL in Cowley Mdx. and children William Hale(1823) Sarah Hale (1826) Joseph Hale (1829)George Arthue (1833)- migrated to Australia- and Mary (1835). William had a vet.,farrier, practice in London Road St. Albans. Any information would be appreciated." [patriciaanne31$]

  18. In Australia K.Moon is looking for information on Jane Hales who married Robert Findley in either Scotland or England some time in the early to mid of their children, Robert JNR(born around the mid 1840s in Forfar Scotland) was sent to Australia by his parents and paid a remittance by them. He says " He was my gr gr grandfather...I am researching his family and have come to a dead end...its possible that his parents lived around the Oxfordshire area of England prior to the 1870s." [nanofaydan$]

  19. STEVEN DAVIES in CARDIFF, Wales says: " Firstly may I say what a great site this is. I am currently looking into the family history of my mothers maiden name which was HALE.My late granfather ALBERT JOSIAH HALE was born in CWM-FFRYDDOER in Pontypool on January 9 1921 (which is also my date of birth) he shared the name with his father. I dont know too much about his family only that I believe they were from the Bristol area. I also believe they had something to do with the glass trade but im not to sure about this. If you have any info . on this side of the family I would be most grateful to hear from you. " [steve.davies$]

  20. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA is the home of JOHN JOSEPH HALE, Jr., . He writes:"My name is John Joseph Hale, Jr. I am 52 years old and live in Cincinnati, OH. My father was JOHN JOSEPH HALE, Sr. and was born in Louisville, KY in 1925. His father was WILBUR HALE and was also born in Kentucky. Wilbur Hale had brothers LORENZO and ALFONZO. I am just beginning to research my family tree and have always heard my family came from England and Wales. Where do I begin?" [jhale$]

  21. MAREE SOLOMONS in AUSTRALIA says: " My Hale family started with JAMES who married GWENLLIAN (Gwendolin) DAVIES 27.11.1819 Monmouth, Wales. The eldest son THOMAS was my great great grandfather. He was born 1822 Blaenavon (My house has this name) and married HARRIET TEAKLE 1.2.1846 " [gmsolo$]

  22. NANCY HALE gives her address as 3 Halifax Drive, but doesn't say where that is. She is the Granddaughter of THOMAS and FANNY HALE (nee Marsh). Circ. 1881. They lived in LOWER GORNAL, DUDLEY, WORCS. [nannyrumforall$]

  23. In The WIRRAL, Cheshire, NIGEL J COOPER writes" I am researching my great uncle HENRY HILLER HALE and his family - his father and mother were JOHN HERBERT HALE and Emily Florence Jeens. John Herbert Hale's mother is a Sarah Hale born in Bath,Somerset in 1832 and given in 1881 census as living on income from Foreign securities and a widow - she has other children Sarah Amelia, Florence M, William Burridge, Kynaston O and Harry B Hale. Do you have any information on this Hale family? I would be grateful for any information." [njcooper$]

  24. Peter & Glenis Gibbs in NEW ZEALAND ask : " Does anyone have a connection with CHARLES HALE who married a Rachel CHAMPION on 31 March 1812 in Bristol St James and had a number of children registered in Frampton Cotterel? " [phggibbs$]



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