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NATIONAL BURIAL INDEX Gloucestershire HALEs 1826-1870

The National Burial Index is an ongoing project of the Federation of Family History Societies.
Although it contains over five million names it is by no means complete. If you cannot find a burial in the following list it does not necessarily mean that it doesn't exist or that it has not been recorded, but merely that the parish in question has not yet been included in the index.

5 Feb 1850AaronHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
19 Jun 1831AbrahamHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
26 Mar 1855AlfredHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
4 Feb 1865AlfredHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Hawling
2 Dec 1838AmeriahHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
8 Sep 1847AmyHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
21 Mar 1830AnnHAILEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
9 May 1865AnnHAILEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Churcham
19 Jan 1826AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
9 Aug 1828AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
3 Jun 1831AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Kempsford
6 Jun 1832AnnHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
10 Feb 1836AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
20 Mar 1836AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
12 Feb 1837AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
4 Oct 1837AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
6 Mar 1838AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
22 May 1840AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
16 Oct 1842AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
25 May 1845AnnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
10 Jan 1847AnnHALEGloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
26 Jan 1848AnnHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
4 Mar 1848AnnHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Stone
15 Mar 1863AnnHALE?GloucestershireSt David, Moreton in Marsh
10 Nov 1831Ann CaddyHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
3 Mar 1830AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
14 Nov 1833AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Longney
23 Dec 1834AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Giles, Uley
12 Sep 1847AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
25 Nov 1836BeataHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
2 Feb 1855BenjaminHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
12 Sep 1846BetsyHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Stone
10 Oct 1832CarolineHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
9 Dec 1841CarolineHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
20 Sep 1847CarolineHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
3 Mar 1833CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
18 Nov 1841CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
25 Jan 1847CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
8 Feb 1848CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
15 Aug 1848CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
22 Nov 1848CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
20 Jan 1849CharlesHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
3 Jan 1837CharlotteHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
31 Jan 1865CharlotteHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
1 Apr 1829CleophasHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
6 Apr 1828CleophasHALESGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
15 Mar 1829CorneliusHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
23 Oct 1835CorneliusHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
22 Jun 1843DanielHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
8 May 1852DanielHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
10 May 1834DennisHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
26 Jan 1837DorothyHALEGloucestershireSt Laurence, Barnwood
14 Oct 1935DorothyHEALGloucestershireSt Mary, Batsford
28 May 1862EdmundHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
12 Aug 1859EdwardHAILEGloucestershireSt Michael, Abenhall
20 Mar 1844EdwardHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
5 Feb 1848EdwardHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
7 Nov 1863EliHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
4 Oct 1855EliHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
4 Oct 1855EliHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
22 Jan 1850ElisabethHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
30 Jan 1843ElizaHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
18 Jul 1826ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
7 Jun 1839ElizaHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
24 Nov 1842ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt Margaret of Antioch, Alderton
1 May 1848ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
9 Oct 1856ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
5 May 1861ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt Thomas a Becket, Pucklechurch
30 Dec 1864ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
7 Feb 1858ElizaHAYLLGloucestershireSt Mary, Frampton upon Severn
21 Dec 1831ElizabethHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
21 Jun 1844ElizabethHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
8 Dec 1851ElizabethHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
30 Jul 1857ElizabethHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
3 Feb 1858ElizabethHAILGloucestershireSt Leonard, Upton St Leonards
16 May 1840ElizabethHAILESGloucestershireSt James, Chipping Campden
11 Apr 1834ElizabethHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
1 Oct 1835ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt George, Cam
4 Jul 1837ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
20 Feb 1839ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
21 May 1846ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Dymock
11 Jun 1848ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
3 Apr 1850ElizabethHALEGloucestershireHoly Ascension (inc St Nicholas), Oddington
30 May 1850ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
24 Apr 1851ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Huntley
1 May 1853ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
17 Jun 1855ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
24 Jun 1856ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt John, Cinderford
5 Apr 1865ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
23 Aug 1866ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Thomas a Becket, Pucklechurch
12 Mar 1862Elizabeth JaneHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
10 Dec 1833ElizthHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
27 May 1845EllenHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
11 Nov 1860EllenHALEGloucestershireSt Saviour, Coalpit Heath
3 Feb 1847EmilyHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
18 Dec 1834EmmaHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Yate
22 Dec 1847EmmaHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
10 Dec 1863EmmaHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
20 Oct 1856EnockHALEGloucestershireSt John, Cinderford
8 Oct 1835EstherHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
30 Oct 1838EstherHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
5 Aug 1841EstherHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
9 Jan 1852EstherHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
7 May 1855EstherHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Kempley
9 Feb 1837FrancesHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
8 Nov 1835FrancisHALE?GloucestershireSt David, Moreton in Marsh
8 Mar 1832GabrielHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
1 May 1826GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
4 Jul 1835GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
30 Sep 1837GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Kempley
16 Jun 1838GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
30 Jun 1840GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Yate
9 May 1841GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
27 Mar 1844GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
22 Nov 1844GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
15 Jun 1850GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
9 Feb 1853GeorgeHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
19 Jun 1856GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John, Cinderford
9 Dec 1861GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John, Cinderford
10 Feb 1840GeorgeHALE?GloucestershireSt Martin, Oxenton
2 Dec 1828HannahHAILEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
27 Aug 1826HannahHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
26 Mar 1828HannahHALEGloucestershireSt Michael, Hill
1 May 1848HannahHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
15 Dec 1853HannahHALEGloucestershireSt David, Moreton in Marsh
3 Aug 1865HannahHALEGloucestershireSt Saviour, Coalpit Heath
24 Jul 1831HarrietHALEGloucestershireSt Margaret of Antioch, Alderton
8 Jan 1840HarrietHALEGloucestershireSt James, Tytherington
17 Dec 1840HarrietHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
17 Feb 1841HarriettHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
16 Jan 1846HarriettHAILGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Taynton
18 Jun 1856HelenHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
17 Jun 1830HenryHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
9 Apr 1826HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
3 Jun 1830HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
1 Feb 1836HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
5 Sep 1837HenryHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
19 Jul 1838HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
4 Apr 1845HenryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Evangelist, Slimbridge
20 Feb 1848HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Stratton
13 Jun 1850HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
17 Nov 1850HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
4 Mar 1827HesterHALEGloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
5 May 1833HesterHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
7 Feb 1838HesterHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
8 Jan 1854HesterHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
10 Apr 1846HubertHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
25 Oct 1857HubertHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
16 Mar 1829IsaacHALE?GloucestershireSt Andrew, Eastleach Turville
27 Feb 1853IsaacHALE?GloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
14 Feb 1830IsraelHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
23 Jun 1848JabezHALE?GloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
24 Aug 1831JacobHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
6 Jul 1866JamesHAILEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
25 Jan 1829JamesHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
22 Jul 1832JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
22 Nov 1833JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
5 Mar 1834JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
10 Dec 1842JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
6 Jun 1844JamesHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
16 Nov 1846JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Giles, Uley
1 Apr 1849JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
13 Apr 1849JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
20 Mar 1853JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Saviour, Coalpit Heath
23 Jan 1873JamesHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Rangeworthy
20 Jun 1826JamesHALE?GloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
18 Feb 1827JamesHALES?GloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
10 Sep 1836JamesHEALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
20 Apr 1849James HenryHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
9 Apr 1863JaneHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
16 Apr 1841JaneHAILE?GloucestershireSt Lawrence, Taynton
23 Aug 1832JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Kempsford
26 Jan 1837JaneHALEGloucestershireSt George, Cam
24 May 1839JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
7 Nov 1840JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
2 Jan 1844JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Fairford
23 Jun 1845JaneHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
22 Feb 1846JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
17 Jan 1849JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
16 Dec 1849JaneHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
10 Oct 1860JaneHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
6 Nov 1841JaneHEALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
7 Nov 1846JobHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
15 Jul 1836JohnHAILEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
30 Jan 1863JohnHAILEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
4 Dec 1827JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Michael, Hill
16 Nov 1828JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
19 Mar 1829JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
28 Oct 1829JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
20 Jun 1830JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Bromsberrow
30 Jul 1830JohnHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
4 Feb 1832JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
9 Jul 1832JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
17 Dec 1833JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
19 Jan 1834JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Eadburgha, Ebrington
14 Jun 1836JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Fairford
12 Oct 1843JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
6 Feb 1844JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
22 Dec 1844JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
12 Apr 1845JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
21 Jan 1846JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
30 Apr 1846JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
27 May 1848JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
7 Aug 1849JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Stratton
22 Oct 1849JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
27 Oct 1849JohnHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Stone
17 Jun 1851JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
17 Oct 1852JohnHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
8 Jun 1854JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
2 May 1861JohnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
3 Aug 1865JohnHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
28 Apr 1826JohnHALE?GloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
20 Apr 1836JohnHAYLEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
15 May 1844JohnHEAL?GloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Northleach
15 Dec 1829JohnHELES?GloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
8 Mar 1829JosephHAILGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
3 Sep 1837JosephHAILGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
27 Mar 1843JosephHAILGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Taynton
10 Jan 1833JosephHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
9 May 1833JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
13 Dec 1835JosephHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
15 Jun 1836JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
12 Feb 1837JosephHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
19 Sep 1837JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
20 Jan 1839JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
19 May 1843JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
7 Jul 1844JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
10 Oct 1844JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
16 Apr 1849JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Swindon
9 Feb 1853JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
30 Nov 1859JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
8 Mar 1857Joseph AlbertHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
14 Apr 1848Joseph ThomasHAILGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
12 Sep 1851JudithHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
13 Oct 1859LucyHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
12 Dec 1839MariaHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
21 Aug 1840MariaHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
5 Jun 1865MariaHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
26 Nov 1830MarthaHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Longney
27 Mar 1837MarthaHALEGloucestershireSt Giles, Maisemore
3 Dec 1844MarthaHALEGloucestershireSt Michael, Stoke Gifford
19 Feb 1858MarthaHAYLLGloucestershireSt Mary, Frampton upon Severn
24 Jan 1860Martha AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Haresfield
8 Jul 1826MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
29 May 1827MaryHALEGloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
16 Oct 1828MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cold Aston
9 Sep 1829MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
9 Dec 1829MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Giles, Uley
23 Mar 1830MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
16 Sep 1830MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary De Lode, Gloucester
4 Dec 1832MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
3 Feb 1833MaryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
10 Nov 1833MaryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
16 Mar 1834MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
26 Jun 1834MaryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
26 Apr 1835MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Hawkesbury
24 Mar 1839MaryHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Stone
20 Jun 1841MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
24 Apr 1843MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
5 Jun 1843MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Hawling
1 Sep 1843MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
30 Dec 1847MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
16 Feb 1848MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
10 Dec 1848MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Michael, Brimpsfield
20 Jan 1849MaryHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
6 Nov 1850MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
27 Nov 1853MaryHALEGloucestershireSt James, Saul
4 Mar 1855MaryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
1 Jul 1856MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
2 Mar 1860MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
29 Jun 1848MaryHALESGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
12 Mar 1845Mary AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Margaret of Antioch, Alderton
16 Jan 1848Mary AnnHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
29 Jun 1850Mary AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
19 Dec 1851Mary AnneHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
28 Apr 1833MatthewHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
9 Oct 1828May?HALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
8 Feb 1851MerinaHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
12 Dec 1862MilsomHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
7 Jan 1830MosesHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
10 Jun 1830MosesHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
22 Jun 1836MosesHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
15 Oct 1837MosesHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
23 Nov 1838MosesHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
15 Mar 1846MosesHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
23 Apr 1850NehemiahHALE?GloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
22 Apr 1844NoahHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
27 Feb 1853NoahHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
5 Sep 1830OsborneHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
28 Oct 1830OsborneHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
30 Jul 1854OswaldHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
18 Oct 1831RachelHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
19 Jul 1843RebeccaHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
11 Oct 1858RichardHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
1 Aug 1826RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
21 Mar 1827RichardHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
16 Feb 1837RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
27 Feb 1838RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
6 Feb 1841RichardHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
10 Feb 1841RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
31 Aug 1843RichardHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
2 Oct 1849RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Aldate, Gloucester
27 Jan 1834RichardHAYLEGloucestershireSt Michael, Blaisdon
25 Nov 1840RobertHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
2 Apr 1846RobertHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
17 Apr 1828RobertHAILEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
8 Jun 1829RobertHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Dymock
22 Sep 1846RobertHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
14 Feb 1844RowlandHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
19 Jun 1844SabinaHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
25 Jan 1831SamuelHAILGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
30 Nov 1849SamuelHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Prestbury
16 Aug 1847Samuel NathanielHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
29 Jun 1861Samuel WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt David, Moreton in Marsh
26 Nov 1836SarahHAILGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Huntley
30 Nov 1835SarahHAILEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
30 Jul 1826SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
7 Jan 1827SarahHALEGloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
31 Jan 1830SarahHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
25 Nov 1834SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Pebworth
7 Apr 1835SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
4 Nov 1838SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Haresfield
7 Jan 1843SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Kempsford
6 Jun 1847SarahHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
29 May 1848SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
5 Mar 1850SarahHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
12 Mar 1851SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
6 Dec 1851SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
13 Apr 1852SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Northleach
22 Feb 1859SarahHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
9 Aug 1859SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
26 Oct 1860SarahHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
7 Sep 1866SarahHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
31 Mar 1841SarahHALESGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Drybrook
11 Aug 1847SarahHAYLEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
21 Sep 1828Sarah AnnHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
13 Nov 1844Sarah AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
15 May 1832ShadrachHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
7 Mar 1864SimeonHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
9 Sep 1831SimonHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
3 Feb 1848StephanHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Stratton
12 May 1843SusannahHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
30 Aug 1845Theodosia EleanorBLAGDEN HALEGloucestershireSt Kenhelm, Alderley
4 Aug 1860ThomasHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
24 Mar 1867ThomasHAILGloucestershireSt Anne, Oxenhall
30 Mar 1840ThomasHAILEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
20 Jul 1831ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt George, Brockworth
29 Apr 1833ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
17 Aug 1834ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Mickleton
15 Nov 1837ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
8 Oct 1839ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
12 Jan 1841ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
6 Apr 1844ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Margaret of Antioch, Alderton
10 Nov 1845ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
22 Dec 1845ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
25 Jan 1848ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
30 Sep 1851ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
19 Apr 1853ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
21 Jan 1861ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt David, Moreton in Marsh
12 Aug 1863ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
19 Aug 1866ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
21 Jun 1837ThomasHALESGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Oldbury on the Hill
15 May 1845WalterHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
6 Jan 1852WalterHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
31 Jan 1827WilliamHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
23 Mar 1845WilliamHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
2 Oct 1831WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary De Lode, Gloucester
31 Jan 1832WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Kempley
21 Dec 1832WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stinchcombe
12 Feb 1834WilliamHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
20 Feb 1835WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
26 Nov 1835WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt George, Cam
20 Dec 1835WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
16 Jan 1837WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Sandhurst
11 Sep 1837WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Leonard, Bledington
18 Dec 1838WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mark, Lydney
7 May 1839WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
29 May 1839WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Kempley
21 Dec 1840WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary Magdalene, Twyning
19 Jul 1843WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
21 Oct 1844WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
17 Apr 1845WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
15 Jan 1846WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Haresfield
24 Sep 1847WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Flaxley
13 Oct 1847WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
28 Mar 1849WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
13 Jun 1849WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, English Bicknor
27 Nov 1851WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
5 May 1853WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt David, Moreton in Marsh
20 Oct 1859WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Michael, Abenhall
30 Jan 1862WilliamHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Down Ampney
25 May 1862WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Deerhurst
29 Apr 1864WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
30 Jan 1839WilliamHALE?GloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Eastington [nr Stonehouse
23 Feb 1850WilliamHAYLEGloucestershireAll Saints, Bisley
12 Aug 1841WilliamHEALGloucestershireSt Andrew, Woolaston
30 Jan 1839WilliamHELE?GloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Eastington [nr Stonehouse
15 Mar 1860William ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
2 Jan 1858WillmHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
12 Mar 1851WinifredHALEGloucestershireSt John, Cinderford


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