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NATIONAL BURIAL INDEX Gloucestershire HALEs 1538-1825

The National Burial Index is an ongoing project of the Federation of Family History Societies.
Although it contains over five million names it is by no means complete. If you cannot find a burial in the following list it does not necesarily mean that it has doesn't exist or that it has not been recorded, but merely that the parish in question has not yet been included in the index.
(You will note that this Gloucestershire list does not yet contain any entries before 1800.)

29 Dec 1816AaronHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
27 Mar 1825AbrahamHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
17 Apr 1813AliceHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
10 Mar 1818AliceHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
3 Nov 1816AmyHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
25 Mar 1814AnnHAILESGloucestershireSt James, Chipping Campden
10 Jun 1813AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Leonard, Upton St Leonards
18 Feb 1814AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Kenhelm, Alderley
21 Jun 1817AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
31 Jan 1819AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Eastington [nr Stonehouse
Dec 1820AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
14 Jun 1821AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
5 Feb 1824AnnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Prestbury
30 Apr 1816Ann?HALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Dumbleton
16 Nov 1814AnneHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
21 Feb 1818AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
6 Mar 1819AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Fairford
30 Aug 1781BettyHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Pebworth
9 Mar 1817BettyHALEGloucestershireSt Mary De Lode, Gloucester
21 Jan 1824CharlotteHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
22 Oct 1817DanielHALEGloucestershireSt John the Evangelist, Slimbridge
20 Mar 1814EdithHALEGloucestershireSt John, Brookthorpe
2 Dec 1824EdwardHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
11 Jul 1819EdwinHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
6 Jan 1824EleanorHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
1 Dec 1816ElizaHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Frampton upon Severn
26 Jun 1814ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Cromhall
16 Mar 1817ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
1 Jun 1817ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
10 Jan 1818ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt James, Chipping Campden
17 Jul 1818ElizabethHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
4 Feb 1819ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
17 Jun 1821ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Standish
14 Sep 1825ElizabethHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
28 Oct 1823ElizabethHEALGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
7 Nov 1825EstherHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Hawling
22 Jun 1814GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
10 Jul 1814GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
21 Mar 1815GeorgeHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
21 Oct 1816GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
7 Jul 1823GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt Andrew, Awre
20 Apr 1824GeorgeHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
12 Jun 1825GeorgeHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
3 May 1818HannahHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
1 Mar 1824HannahHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Prestbury
10 Oct 1824HannahHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
19 Jun 1825HannahHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
14 Jul 1824HarrietHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
22 Oct 1824HarrietHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
7 Oct 1821HarriettHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
25 Jan 1816HenryHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
19 Mar 1820HenryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
21 May 1821HenryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
3 Nov 1821HenryHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
26 Aug 1825HenryHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
4 Aug 1814HesterHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Cirencester
7 Oct 1818HippesleyHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
1 Dec 1816JHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
24 May 1820JamesHAIL?GloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
9 Oct 1816JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
7 Nov 1816JamesHALEGloucestershireSt Mary De Lode, Gloucester
12 Nov 1821JamesHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
4 Apr 1819JaneHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
6 Oct 1814JohnHALEGloucestershireSt James, Chipping Campden
18 Jan 1818JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stinchcombe
4 Jan 1819JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
24 Mar 1819JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Magdalene, Sherborne
26 Apr 1820JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Giles, Uley
1 Sep 1821JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
7 Jul 1822JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
17 Nov 1824JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
27 Mar 1825JohnHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
4 Jun 1818JohnHALESGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
11 Apr 1819JohnHIEL?GloucestershireSt Mary, Prestbury
2 Mar 1814JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Fretherne
17 Nov 1816JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
28 Jun 1817JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Dymock
10 Feb 1819JosephHALEGloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
30 Aug 1820JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Nicholas, Gloucester
8 Jan 1825JosephHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
4 Apr 1819LiviniaHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Westerleigh
10 Jun 1814LydiaHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Blockley
6 Nov 1823MargaretHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
10 Nov 1814MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
13 Jun 1817MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Winchcombe
7 Jan 1819MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Newent
24 Jan 1819MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Eastington [nr Stonehouse
20 Jun 1819MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Eastington [nr Stonehouse
7 Apr 1820MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Hawling
26 Apr 1822MaryHALEGloucestershireSt James the Great, Dursley
18 Sep 1822MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
14 Jul 1823MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Paul, Broadwell
12 Mar 1824MaryHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Newland
25 Jan 1825MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Michael & All Angels, Mitcheldean
3 Apr 1825MaryHALEGloucestershireSt Edward, Hawling
29 Jan 1814Mary AnneHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Mickleton
2 Feb 1817MatthewHALEGloucestershireSt Martin, North Nibley
31 May 1825MosesHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Christchurch, Forest of D
11 Aug 1822NathanaelHALEGloucestershireSt Cyr, Stonehouse
23 Jan 1814PhoebeHALEGloucestershireSt Peter & St Paul, Westbury on Severn
12 May 1816RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Syde
2 Sep 1818RichardHALEGloucestershireSt Leonard, Upton St Leonards
24 Dec 1814RichdHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
30 Aug 1814RobertHEALGloucestershireSt James, Mangotsfield
26 Jun 1815RoseHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Wickwar
18 Sep 1816RuthHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
12 Jul 1816SamuelHAIL?GloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
30 May 1821SamuelHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
1 Jan 1823SamuelHALEGloucestershireSt Mary the Virgin, Berkeley
1 Aug 1819SarahHAILGloucestershireAll Saints, Longhope
22 May 1818SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
2 Jan 1825SarahHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Swindon
17 Jul 1825SarahHALEGloucestershireHoly Trinity, Rangeworthy
27 Nov 1814SusannaHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Stone
7 Oct 1816ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Oldbury on the Hill
20 Nov 1818ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
30 Jan 1820ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt John the Baptist, Ruardean
5 Jun 1820ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
18 Jan 1824ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Ethelbert, Littledean
21 Jan 1824ThomasHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Prestbury
2 Mar 1807WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Peter, Pebworth
9 Mar 1813WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Arlingham
8 May 1817WilliamHALEGloucestershireAll Saints, Stone
5 Nov 1821WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt James, Longborough
15 Dec 1823WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Mary, Prestbury
2 Jan 1825WilliamHALEGloucestershireSt Lawrence, Swindon


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